Multi Task, Woman! Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream Review

So like I’ve said before, I’m no Gorilla so my time spent with hair removal products is limited.

Having said that – there are times when must ensure an entirely smooth finish, so I gave this Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream a go on my armpits and legs. The glamour.

This product comes with an exfoliating sponge and it basically goes like this:

Apply the hair removing cream to the area you want to remove hair from and leave it on (times vary – dry skin leave for 3 – 6 min, sensitive and normal skin leave for 5 – 6 min) then step in the shower and rinse it off. Use the exfoliating sponge too, and the hair will come off and you will end up with baby soft skin.


The whole in shower thing, I like, because I am far to impatient to apply a cream – whether it’s hair removal, face mask or hair mask and loiter about for 10 minutes.

However I have had minimal success with hair removal creams because they make my sensitive skin itch, and also I find them semi efficient – they sort of dizzolve the tip but not at the root all the time.

The cream is a thick white one – smells ok, but after a bit smells of the typical farty hair removal cream:


Cut to the chase – this stuff did work but I needed to leave it on for the maximum time (which I wasn’t really too happy about cos of a greater chance of irritation, ALTHOUGH, I didn’t actually experience any) and I DID need to scrub to get all the hair off.

Without the scrubber, I would’ve been left with tiny stubbles poking out.

Verdict: I don’t think it’s exactly the right product for me, BUT I would use it again because it’s a good lazy gal’s choice.

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  1. Lucy says

    Hello Row,
    I came across your blog by finding a review of a blackhead remover product by a company called silara. Do you know if this company/product still exists? Blackheads are the bain of my life and I’d love to try this! I couldn’t see anything on the GinsengSeaFood shop on ebay or when I searched for this product on google.
    Many thanks x

  2. Kitty says

    I can’t use them because, as you say, they can irritate sensitive skin!! I know you can get ones specially designed for sensitive skin, but I prefer shaving as it doesn’t irritate me legs!

    Kitty x

  3. says

    I need a good hair removal cream. I’ve tried Veet before but I hate the fact you have to scrub with their creams. I’ve got a sensitive underarm area and the last thing I need is a hairy AND blotchy, itchy underarm!

  4. says

    I use this too, or well, the one that’s for sensitive skin and have had no problems with it whatsoever. Yes, it does need the maximum amount of time to work, and you have to doublecheck when using the sponge (I only use the smooth side) and rinse thoroughly, but I ‘ve never had any red bumps afterwards, as opposed to razors or tweezers!