Valentines Treat: Marie Reynolds London Ti Amo Duo Body Massage Candles

I am sorry but it is my duty to inform you that we are nearly at that time of the year again; Valentine’s Day!

Ah don’t be grumpy about it. There are some lovely treats out there and you can BUY THEM FOR YOURSELF! Or anyone! Valentine’s day isn’t just about your lover! It can be about your mother! (probably). 

Marie Reynolds is a Beauty Therapist with over 20 years experience – I had a facial with this lady a while back and I can personally vouch for the fact that she is an excellent and knowledgeable therapist who focused on the holistic side of the treatment, even recommended some crystals to me after the treatment.  

And now she has this lovely candle duo:

Valentines Marie Reynolds London Ti Amo Duo Body Massage Candles

Massage plays a big part in Marie’s treatments, and the power of scent is something I also remember from my personal experience.  These massage candles are made from organic soya wax (means the candle burns clean) and it has a low melting point which means you can scoop out the wax to use for massage!

If you have ever seen Body of Evidence with Madonna then you’ll know that pouring super hot wax on yourself is not the best idea…but lovely warmed wax is blissful! 

There are two candles in this set, the Ti Amo Duo (5oz size), named Indulge (ylang ylang, neroli, bergamot mixed with organic soya wax, Moroccan Argan Oil and Shea butter) and Passion (Sparking Champagne and Blackcurrant with a touch of shimmer).  

I can say honestly these are two of the nicest smelling candles I have sniffed for a while.  I loved the smell of a candle which was gifted to me after my facial with Marie (it was an Eve Taylor one, which has long gone!) and the Indulge reminded me of that – the perfect blend of my favourite essential oils, not overpowering and not smelling like a medicine cupboard, just one loveliness. 

Passion is a fruiter blend, also gorgeous but a fresher smell; both are totally unisex although most men probably don’t want to be covered in shimmer (shh don’t tell him!). 

Valentines Marie Reynolds London Ti Amo Duo Body Massage Candles 1

The candles can also be used a body, lip and face balms. 

Any complaints? I wish these candles were bigger, they’re so nice!

The Ti Amo Limited Edition Duo volitive set is £30.95 from here.


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