Valentines Lip Tip: Shills Lip Balm in Vanilla Milk

I can’t hear the word Shills without thinking:

I got Shillssssssssssssssss

They’re multiplyin’

So I made my first venture into Shills (A Taiwanese brand – thanks to Alison for letting me know!). The brand seems to be a bit of a mish-mash of things, a bit like Benefit bit with more variation.

I had to buy the Vanilla Milk Lip Balm because how cute is the packaging?

shills lip balm vanilla milk.jpg


I love that moo moo cow. I also love vanilla so its win-win.

Shills milk lip balm .jpg

You get 15ml of this lip balm so its fairly standard. Although I’m not a fan of tub lip balms – not so hygienic, I have plenty of them and they still work fine.

shills lip balm vanilla milk-1.jpg

Then I had a look at the balm itself:

shills milk lip balm -1.jpg

oooohh I’m not impressed. Since this is a milk lip balm I presumed it would be a milky coloured, rich cream textured lip balm. This looks like a vaseline type lip balm – I prefer creamy ones to overly greasy balms.

It does smell of vanilla though but its not as soft, as milky as I expected.

Here is the lip balm:

shills milk lip balm.jpg

Its not a bad lip balm at all. I felt it was a little greasy (I like to use lip balm then put lipstick on the top) and it wasn’t as hydrating as some of my other balms.

I also really did want this to be a little club of creamy lip balm goodness! But its not.

Apparently its supposed to plump your lips too! Example:

Shills Vanilla Milk Lip Balm w_stock (item 220541768017 end time Jan 24, 2010 12_22_05 SGT).jpg

There, you can go from being a Normal Person to Lindsey Lohan when you use this lip balm.


shills vanilla lip balm.jpg

A-ha! That’s why this felt like a cheap Vaseline based lip balm…because it…erm….is.

Well, anyway. Its a decent balms, I doubt anyone will hate it but because I have so many expensive and stunning lipbalms I doubt this one will get much of a look in day to day.

However, I don’t regret buying it! It was worth it for the cow!

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  1. Lisa. says

    Aww, that’s a shame.. =(
    I’ve heard that some of SHILLS’ other stuff is nice though! And it’s a taiwanese-based brand =)

    • Row says

      Hey Lisa

      Yeah, it wasnt that expensive so I don’t mind but its not the best lip balm. So cute tho!

  2. katie says

    I tried all the organic lip balms and then decided to shell out an extra 50 cents to try the Made from Earth lip balms – first I tried the citrus one. It has a cool, refreshing kick that cools your lips and moisturizes. I will never go back or even bother tying any other kinds of lip balm now. This is indeed the best!