Valentine’s Gift Idea! Illamasqua

Seeing as I will probably get a ham sandwich for Valentine’s Day, I may as well drop some hints. My new love is Illamasqua, right? Well they have 3 Valentine’s gift sets which should suit every useless boyfriend:


They Say:

Illamasqua celebrates revealing your alter ago and brings you the perfect must-have Valentine’s gifts. With three amazing products including a pre-filled 4-Colour Lip Palette, a pre-filled Valentine’s Palette and a Femme Fatale Kit – it’s the perfect opportunity to show your partner how special they are.

The fabulous 4-Colour Lip Palette offers you a choice of four seductive shades to reveal every facet of your alter ego and give you the perfect all-night pout. It comes in a stunning bespoke Valentine’s sleeve and will retail at £14.

The pre-filled Valentine’s Palette is the ultimate gift option and brings together key colours of Lipstick (Maneater, Corrupt, Abandon, Ignite), Powder Eye Shadows (Gimp, Preen, Vanian, Savage, Echo, Fiasco), Eye Brow Cake (Gaze), Eye Liner Cake (Mislead), Powder Blusher (Unrequited) and Cream Blusher (Ravish), – colours to suit every alter ego on Valentine’s night. This comes in a stunning bespoke Valentine’s sleeve and will retail at £95.

The Femme Fatale Kit is the ideal gift to bring out your dark side. This unique kit has everything you need to indulge your fantasies and release your inner temptress. Contains Lipstick in Encounter, Eye Liner Cake in Mislead including Sealing Gel, Nail Varnish in Ruthless, Volume Mascara in Harness, Seduction Cards and black satin blindfold by Coco de Mer and will retail at £50.

So you have the four colour lip palette at only £14 (!!!! – bargain).

Good present if your boyfriend is a student, unemployed, ‘struggling artist’ or just generally tight (does he ask you for money back after for your portion of chips? Does he throw a hissy fit if you want an Apple Pie with your Mcdonalds?) then this is the one to go for.

The prefilled palette (4 lip colours, 6 shadows, 1 brow powder, 1 cake liner, 1 powder and 1 cream blusher) is just up my street. I love having a palette that pretty much covers everything and I quite like someone picking colours for me I may not normally choose for myself – £95 is not a bad price for all that, I would suggest the Boyf hold off on the flowers and tacky bears as I’d rather have this palette. HINT!

The Femme Fatale kit is a good price too (note – on the website the prices are actually lower because of the VAT reduction, so this is more like £43 on the website). You get a nice mixture of products and it could be nice if you like, er, blindfolds and stuff.

Mmmm this brand is killing me. You can buy it here.

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  1. Elizabeth says

    £14! Thats actually amazing. My boyf normally says that if i buy something he’ll then put the money in my account.. great stuff.

    • Row says

      Yeah make him round it up to £20! £14 wouldn’t get a Chanel Lipstick and from the stuff I have tried, this brand is pretty amazing so highly recommended!