Urgh. Clinique

I had posted on Clinique’s Bonus Time a few days ago – I haven’t used their stuff for a long time because their toners and eye make up remover was like splashing acid on my face – anyway, I love the look of the creamy eyeshadows and 8 hour Lipglosses.

I went along to my local counter today and it was totally empty. Two shop assistants glared at me. Then they gossiped. Loudly. Very loudly. It was humiliating. I definetley heard the words;

– Pissed
– Was
– I
– Shag
– Fu*k
– Tw*t
– Jade Goody
– Bitch

etc. etc.

Anyway I swatched away over and over and over until I knew what I wanted. I stood there, catching their evil glowing red eyes – they did not respond. Even when I stood 5 inches from them they blatently ignored me. Disgraceful!

I left unfortunately, empty handed. The cream eyeshadows looked to good too, but I just can’t contribute to the evil.

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  1. yummy411 says

    i’m glad you stood up to that will power! don’t contribute to evil and you can’t return.. hell no!

  2. Askmewhats says

    i am so sorry about the staffs who didn’t give you good customer service. We have lots of them here. Some of them are super nice when they know you’ll be buying, if they sensed that you’re just there..looking around, they would not give you the time of the day and would have this certain look on their face! ugggh!!!

  3. Gigi says

    Argh, the girls at Clinique really piss me off sometimes. I love Clinique (but their toner – yikes! Like you said, acid on my face!), but hate their service. I was at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver one day, looking to ask someone for the price of their Lash Power mascara, and a Clinique girl passed by me, said “Hello” (very politely, I might add), and then walked away, when I clearly had the mascara in my hand. WTF? She goes over to talk to the other girl. I was like…buddy. Do you want my business or not? So I just left. It’s ridiculous.

  4. R says

    Hi Yummy

    Oh yes. I wont deny it was tempting but I dont care now the lip gloss didnt even last that long on my hand!

  5. R says

    Hey asmewhats – ahhh thats classic. I noticed in asia people are less tolerant if u are just buying! its scary when I was in HK cos the girls know HOW to sell! In England they stand around like planks of wood!

  6. R says

    Hi gigi

    Yeah! you know what I’m talking about! I dont blame you thats how I felt too – whats the point in making eye contact then ignorning me

  7. Askmewhats says

    really? they just stand there? I can’t believe it! Never saw it here…I don’t know if I want them to be crazy into sales talk or just stand there! hmmm…

  8. MandyPandy says

    Yeah, seriously, the gals at my local Clinique counter are evil hags; TBH, Clinique doesn’t even sell anything worth buying, IMO.