Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette Eyeshadow Colours Part 1!

You know I love building my own palettes, and I love it when a company offers the option of putting solo shadows into one place! Urban Decay recently launched their own Build Your Own Palette system which has room for 6 full size eyeshadows in a tin.  

I’ll review the one I was sent next – but meanwhile, check out the colour selection! My head was spinning when I saw these shades – I recognised a lot of the names because I have nearly all the 24/7 eyeliners (my favourite).  

Urban Decay Build a Palette


Urban Decay Build A Palette

Urban Decay Build a Palette 2

The eyeshadows have been reformulated so they have a creamy soft texture and they have new packaging too.

There are 68 shades in total, in satin, shimmer, sparkle, matte and duo-tone.

Eyeshadows marked M are Matte, P means they were previously colours available in a palette only and N means it’s a new shade. The eyeshadows are £14 each.

Can you guess which 5 shades I picked (it’s 5 because you get a neutral shade included with the tin)?!  Which 5 would you pick?

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  1. liloo says

    aaaa, quite a few matte in there!
    I didnt know urban decay was capable of doing matte shadows haha xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx