Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil

Urban Decay is a really cool brand although they have a lack of new products and colours – if you ask me.

I spotted the 24/7 concealer stick a while ago and decided to use my Boots points of one – a reasonable £8.50p.



This comes in a pencil form – better than a concealer in a palette which is messier to use but is not as hand as a swivel up concealer that doesn’t require sharpening.

Limited Colors

This comes in 4 shades – fairly light ones too. I have a medium-light olive tone and I took the darkest shade NZA. I thought it would be too dark for under the eyes but it’s ok….but if you are Asian or Black you can forget it.

Urban Decay 24 7 Concealer Pencil Make Up.jpg

It’s a shame it doesn’t go any darker for now, but I am sure UD will expand that range…eventually.


It is very very soft and pigmented – so creamy that I am wondering how well it will stay put. It dries somewhat but not completely…powder is essential on top, if you want it to last.

Whilst I love its non-dragging softness, I still feel its a bit to thick for under the eye. For me, I prefer light textures that disappear on the skin since the undereye area naturally crinkles a bit. I have cakey concealer under the eye, it’s aging – I’d rather have a sheerer illuminating light textured concealer than an opaque paste under my eyes.


See how opaque it is – fab for blemishes, but under the eye? Nah.

Here’s my scary tired eye:


I’ve got circles, but skin is looking pretty smooth eh? Been using my La Mer Eye Cream.

With the concealer:


It blends nicely, but as you can see on the inner corner, it’s already crept into a fine line I have. I applied it only moments before. I also took it over my eyelid too – this colour is a little yellow as a eye concealer but the one below was lighter but pinky based which I wasn’t keen on.


It’s a nice product, and if one of the shades works for you then this is a great face concealer. I still don’t like it under the eyes because I hate the raccoon effect but I would definately carry it with me for touch ups. It’s also affordable :)

I have a far better under eye concealer by the way, my favourite at the moment…you’ll have to wait for that one though….

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  1. says

    I’d love to know what concealer’s your favourite. I’ve given up on concealers because almost all of them settle into lines. Sana is the only one that doesn’t crease, but it doesn’t cover enough for me :/

  2. Row says

    Hi Blu

    I know what you mean – the texture of SANA is great but it doesn’t have the best coverage – its more of an illuminator I think!