Updates: Cosmetic Candy Shop, Poll and the most effective way to show you’re angry

Just a few things…

1. Cosmetic Candy Shop is under construction – it will be done in a few days and you will be able to browse and shop easily. Prices will also be lower – credit crunch ‘an all that!

2. So the poll says you want the swatch gallery up asap and also more ranting and chit-chat. You got it!

3. I watched Britain’s got talent tonight. Violinist, Sue Son and her mate Janine Something performed together under a completely dull act called ‘Addicted’. Janine was insipid so Simon told Sue who come back and perform by herself and she did an average performance of Vivaldi’s Summer (part 3).

Now Britain_s Got Talent violin star is shunned by pal she dumped - mirror.co.uk.jpg

Now they ain’t friends anymore because Janine has a serious case of greeneyedmonsteritis.

Says The Mirror:

Janine, 23, is now ignoring her calls and has even “de-friended” her on Facebook, says Sue.

I don’t understand people that use de-friending people on Facebook as a method of revenge or of expressing anger – a bit like people who dump their wives on Facebook or talk about how boring their jobs are then get the sack.

What is the mode of thought?

I’M SO ANGRY!!! I’ve just been told I’m crap by Simon Cowell.

Stomp stomp stomp to the PC

Turns PC on

Log in. User name. Password.

Open internet page. Click. Click. Click.

Log in to Facebook. Poke back. Accept friend request. Profile page. Friend List. Scroll Scroll Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. Sue Son. Click Defriend. Click Block.

Update Status. Janine is…..So annoyed and upset!

Is this passive aggressive rubbish to make you feel better? Here’s a better method –

Janine: “You’re a jerk”
Sue: “You’re just jealous. Can we be friends again in 6 months? I’ll take you to Nobu.”
Janine: “Oh…ok then”

I was going to do a Facebook clean up (you KNOW you end up adding a load of people you never liked in the first place anyway just to be polite and to boost the friend list!) then realized that I would end up with about 8 friends so just shut my account down altogether. I get enough interaction through this blog.

Time for some organic chocolate!

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  1. says

    LOL. I hate facebook drama…. I took a girl off my friend’s list because I was mad at her (well, it was actually more than that… she just had been mean to me for a while) and there was all this drama “omg you took me off your list! why????” I like your method better =D

    • Row says

      Hey Abby

      It’s a nightmare isn’t it! Its true! I blocked someone from seeing my photographs (private, ya know) and this person accosted me like I had stabbed their grandmother or something! That’s when I realised nothing on Facebook is “private” because this person felt that they had a god given right to have access to anything I put on there. Rather than defriend her I just left!

  2. Libby says

    oh aha I was watching that last night with my besties, it seemed a bit weird that the other one was okay with it.

    • Row says

      Hiya Libby

      Which one was ok with it? Ouch its quite embarassing but even if I was annoyed, I would fien happiness for my friend – like when someone wins the Oscar and you have to pretend to be happy.

  3. says

    Oh my gosh, that is so horrible!!! I block pretty much all of my friends from seeing my pictures. I do know one girl who was a bit put out… we’re still friends but I think I should have a right to not show my pictures on a social network… where lots of people can see them.

    • Row says

      Hey Abby

      That’s how it SHOULD be. It’s your profile so people should be understanding if someone has photos or sections that are private but of course even adults can be childish..

  4. Libby says

    The one that didn’t get through, she was like yeah, it’s fine.
    We all knew she was like dying inside.

    • Row says

      Oh Libby – the friend? I thought she looked like she was about to melt into a giant puddle of green slime – the resentment! I mean, be annoyed but at least PRETEND to be a generous person!