Update: The Trish McEvoy Saga

I had a bit of a disappointing experience at the Trish McEvoy Counter (read about it here) and its been really interesting reading about peoples opinions on the matter (I will respond to comments over the weekend, promise!)

Anyway – my poor experience was at the Trish Counter at Harvey Nichols. My usual counter is in Selfridges, The Trafford Centre where the staff are very nice. So much so, that when I was randomly chatting to one of the girls on the counter, Max, I told her about the experience on the other counter, she offered to swap the foundation and blush which I felt, was a little damaged.

Generally speaking, concessions in different stores are not obliged to swap/refund items for you since they have their own stock levels to manage.

gold star.jpg

True to her word, when I returned this week she remembered exactly what we had talked about and she changed both items for me. I noticed that the foundation she gave me also had the sponge I was pondering over (how does a £27 foundation come without an applicator?!)

Yep, that’s a shiny gold star for her and the staff on that counter.

Read on to see the two items I was complaining about and my finished double decker palette!Here are the original products – the foundation (after I swapped it – the first one I got had a big hole in it):

Trish Mcevoy foundation.jpg

The blush:

trish cream blusher.jpg

My finished palette! There’s the new face palette on the top and four eyeshadows:

trish double decker palette face.jpg

I put the foundation (which I have used now), the concealer (which is great) and cream blush on the bottom:

trish mcevoy foundation and concealer.jpg

Phew. So is that drama finally over?!

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  1. says

    I can’t believe that they don’t exchange/refund at that counter. That seems insane to me! I thought all high-end cosmetics did!

    • Row says

      Hey Jenni

      I think if I fought and argued they would have refunded me? Their arguement for not exchanging was that all the stock they had was slightly damaged in transit so rather than have me get a refund on £100 of goods they tried to bundle me away with a free gift. Its quite hard getting a refund on any cosmetics in the UK, alto the older prestige brands tend to (like Estee Lauder) if you aren’t happy.

  2. says

    nice! at least the assistants in the other store are great! Good to know it was only a stupid b*tch’s fault! But it’s disappointing anyway…what if you didn’t went to the other store and didn’t tell the woman what happened???

    • Row says

      Hi Mary

      Yeah I would have had to live with the damaged products again – Luckily i had met the other staff before and noticed they are very very nice so they offered to change the items for me. Good call!

  3. says

    Wow, that is wonderful service right there. That first counter might have done you wrong, but that second one that did the exchange? They know how to get a customer for life.

    • Row says

      Hi Kaoru

      Yes I was very impressed by the second counter! They offered to do it to and as soon as she saw me she remember what I was there for, I didn’t have to go over it again :)

  4. says

    How nice of them!! I wonder if they deal with that all the time?

    Those do look very damaged. For the price, you really did deserve to complain about it. It’s not like it was drugstore makeup!

    • Row says

      Hey Lisa

      Yeah I was disappointed when i saw how damaged the products were and to be fair, another counter took the brunt of it and sorted it out for me which is nice. I wouldn’t go to the other counter though, I just don’t feel comfortable there. What a strange attitude tho – someone brings back something clearly damaged and u talk them into keeping it!