UPDATE: Marianne Newman Nails

I recently reported on my experience with Marianne Newman Nails, all the info here. Basically, its a new 3 min manicure. The idea is you can use a clicky pen to apply the colour and seal it in – it dries super quickly.

Well – after trying it out more, I am really disappointed with it. The kit of 3 polishes and 2 top coats was £38 – I think that’s pretty expensive. They are paint like and dry funny and the colours run easily, if your top coat isn’t adequate.

I did my nails and over 24 hours it faded drastically. I can’t stand chipped nails, so I just took it all off and it had badly stained my nail:

You don’ t have to use a base coat with this as it’s supposed to come off with water (if the top coat hasn’t been applied).

But clearly this has lead to staining:

It’s a horrible dark/yellowy stain, I can’t get it off with my polish remover. So I guess I will have to apply colour but the old fashioned way. I would seriously suggest doing a normal base coat, polish and top coat – it lasts sooooooo much longer. I am in love with Creative Nail’s Stickey Base Polish and Quick Shine Top Coat at the moment, would choose it over my usual Chanel base and top coat.

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  1. says

    I’ve heard that if you add a couple of denture-cleaning tablets to a cup of warm water, and soak your fingers in the solution, it should take the stain right off. That said, I’ve never tried it myself, so it could just be a load of bunk.

  2. Row says

    Hey Pandy

    I thought it was baking soda? anyway I did what any sane person would do – painted over it with a dark nail polish! x

  3. Jane Newton says

    If you have any issues/problems with the product we would be happy to address them. All comments made can be resolved