Update: Creme De La Mer Treatment Creme Foundation Being Discontinuted

**UPDATE 04th May 2010**

I have been in touch with the La Mer PR team and all of the Creme Foundations ARE going to be discontinued, the powder foundation and the liquid foundations will remain.

Had a lovely email from reader Jayme, who informed me that one of my HG foundations, La Mer Treatment Creme Foundation is being discontinued as of the end of May.

Creme de la Mer The Treatment Creme Foundation SPF 15.jpg

If you read this blog regularly, you will know I am obsessed foundation and there aren’t many that I love enough to finish – but La Mer is one of them. I love this foundation but wasn’t is a rush to replace it because I had others to use up but I will definitely pick one up before its gone forever!

I use Neutral (for NC35 skin – as does reader Jayme):

Creme de la Mer.jpg

Some colours are already sold out – I gotta get my skates on (and sell a kidney). £65 from La Mer counters and the website.

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  1. Jayme says

    Hi Row,

    Thanks for the mention. But, I’m not sure the whole La Mer Creme Foundation line is being discontinued. The SA at Selfridges London informed me that certain shades were being discontinued (our shade Neutral being one of them – I’m devestated! Last time I checked she only had 6 jars left). Sorry to cause any confusuion!


  2. Yuridia says

    Hi, Jayme, just come into your website, I am a fun of lamer cream foundation as well. And I have a question – Do you know why they discontinue it? is it because of product defect or something? THx:)

    • Row says

      Hi Yuridia

      I doubt it, I think it’ll be because of the lack of sales. I guess this base is very expensive and most ppl I know will go for liquid over a cream base generally! shame :(

  3. Gail Preston says

    Do not waste your money on this! I have tried many different lines of skin care products, and this product is, without a doubt, the WORST moisturizer I have ever used. It is difficult to put on. It leaves a glossy, greasy sheen that never disappears even after several hours. The only way to get rid of that horrific sheen is to wear face powder, which is not something I want to do every day.

    I am not a young woman, so one would think that the product would be absorbed easily into my skin, but it doesn’t. It stays on top of my skin like a greasy mess. I SWITCHED to using the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer from the Made From Earth skincare line of products. It moisturizes my skin, and it is absorbed easily into my skin – I see a major difference in how healthy my skin looks with the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer.