Unusual Health Treatments: Qi Treatment at Innersound

A few months ago, there was a Groupon offer for a treatment at Innersound – I had no idea what it was, or what they did but I did know that at £10, I would give it a go!

Innersound offers alternative treatment based on Qi (which means Energy, more commonly known as Chi) and through their masters, restore energy and clear ‘blockages’. (Qi is Korean, Chi is Chinese. The treatment at Innersound originates from Korea).

They say:

In the Qi Treatments the Qi Master presses on your energy points and stimulates the circulation while removing deep rooted tension and stress. From insomnia to backpain, from allergies to arthritis…you can experience a feeling of relief, wellbeing and pecefulness from the first treatment.


I believe very much that there is Chi and that if harnessed there are a lot of things we could push ourselves to do. This treatment is VERY unusual in that the master pushes into certain points in your body whilst making a loud ‘SHOO’ sound to push the energy in.

See their video here.

So what did I think?…First off, the atmosphere was lovely, so serene and calm. You are asked to remove your shoes at the door and fill in a form explaining where you feel pain and what you hope to get from the treatment etc.

You are then led to a treatment room and you lie down fully clothed as a Qi master does the treatment which takes about 15 minutes.

It can be painful – certainly around my stomach area the Qi Master pressed very hard and it also hurt around my lower back. The treatment covers your entire body, head to toe.


What I also liked was talking to the Qi master about stresses in day to day like and she explained to me how negative influences, thinking negatively, talking negatively drained us of energy and it was important to move away from these thinking patterns.

Now how did I feel after the treatment? I felt a bit brighter but with all honesty, I didn’t feel more energised and was still quite run down. She did tell me that a course of treatments was necessary to truly become replenished but I wasn’t sure if I felt enough of a difference to rebook.

I am so low on energy that if in fact what they say is true (about topping up energy levels) then I probably need about 50 treatments to get me up to normal human levels!

Having said that, overall the experience was incredibly interesting but I just didn’t have the time and inclination to book again. I will consider going back in the future but I think it might have to be a time when I know for a fact I can appreciate the treatment rather than having it and still pushing myself to my limit in terms working till I drop!

You can contact Innersound here for try out the treatment.

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  1. Jen says

    Looks interesting! Have you ever tried cupping before? I think that’s supposed to help clear blockages in chi and stuff…I’ve watched someone else having it done, love the “pop” sound it makes when they pull the glass cup off lol

  2. Janet says

    I found Innersound just by chance.
    I came across these wonderful people in the Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1241320/It-happened-I-didnt-sleep-year.html).
    I read the story of a man who had not slept for days, years.
    I thought this is me. This is my problem someone else has the same symptoms.
    I telephoned Innersound and made an appointment.
    Since that day I made seven visits.
    My life has completely changed.
    Most nights I sleep like a log in deep sleeps that I have not done in years.
    My whole well being feels brilliant. I have lots more energy instead of always feeling totally exhausted
    I feel like I am floating on air after a treatment and my sinus problems are also better.
    The masters at Innersound deserve every success.


  3. Tony says

    I had my first treatment 2 years ago and it was incredible! I felt so much better instantly. I could feel my arthritis going out of my fingertips like being pushed out of a tube of toothpaste! It has made my life so much easier and I generally feel better in myself. Doing everything day things isn’t a strain anymore and I’m a lot happier. An added bonus is that I’ve also lost weight because I can take my dog for walks now!
    I still don’t know how they do it, but if it works… who cares!

    • Row says

      Hi Tony

      Glad it works for you. I’d love to go back again in the future and try again :) I definitely believe in Chi, I don’t know if I believe it is transferrable but I’m all for alternative therapies