Unsung Heroes: Helena Rubenstein Wanted Eyeshadow Duos

I have a soft spot for Helena Rubenstien. I think her cosmetics are gorgeous, classy and are high quality but they have completely pulled out of the UK and is hard to get hold of.

Today I am looking at the Wanted Eyes Duos. I have several of these (here are the ones I could find….ahem)…

HR Foundation Helena Rubenstein.jpg

I don’t normally buy duos – why? I prefer quads, so I have more colours to play with. But these shadows are beautiful pigmented, well complimented and work really well on the eyes. It makes things easier in the morning anyway…

Here are a selection of the colours I own:

My favourite of the lot is Emerald Fun (since greens are my favourite shades) and this it the most beautiful, funky green complimented with a matte white:

emerald fun eyeshadow.jpg


Emerald Fun Eyeshadow helena rubenstein.jpg

Another green here, Green Glimpse has a darker, more muddly earth green. More of a smoky effect here:

Helena Rubinstein eyeshadow green wanted.jpg


Helena Rubenstein Wanted Eyes green glimpse.jpg

Yep another green set – this is Palerm Green, a holographic (almost) light green with gold particles. The white reminds me of one of the shades in Iceland Duo (by Nars) – it has a blue tone:

Helena Rubenstein Wanted Eyes Eyeshadow.jpg


Helena Rubenstein Wanted Eyeshadow Green.jpg

Lucky Gold is an orange toned soft gold:

Helena Rubenstein Lucky Gold Wanted Eyes.jpg


helena rubenstein lucky gold eyeshadow.jpg

Dark Ebony is a rich black with a gorgeous taupey type brown shadow. Gorgeous and easy to wear:

Helena rubenstein dark ebony eyeshadow.jpg


helena rubenstein eyeshadow wanted dark ebony-1.jpg

If you can get your hands on these eyeshadows, then do! eBay sometimes have these shadows for £7-£10 which is great, as they are sold on Strawberry net for around £30.

What do you think of Helena Rubenstein? Tried any of the products?

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  1. says

    I have Dark Ebony, green glimpse looks nice… but I don’t really wear green. They are lovely though… as are the wanted lipsticks. *pencils in another trip to TK Maxx*