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[noskim]It’s nearly December, which means it’s time to seriously think about gifts – that’s if you haven’t started already!

Now, Boux Avenue is quite a new discovery for me – it’s a ladies fashion store that specialises in lingerie, nightwear, swimwear and accessories, and there are both high street shops and an online website to purchase from.  The website offers free delivery for orders over £50 or free if you have it delivered to a store.  Returns are also free of charge.

I’ve had a peruse and have picked out my 5 favourite discoveries from the Boux Avenue website:

1. Pyjamas (£30) – Buy one get one free!

I am a sucker for novelty PJs around Christmas and these look cosy and a buy one get one free – in other words, one for me, one as a gift!  The PJs also come in a bag so you can pack them away or take them with you if you travelling over the holidays.

Penguin Pyjamas In A Bag Pink Mix | Boux Avenue

2. Fold Over Booty Slippers (£20)

Another essential for me in Winter is extremely cosy warm slippers! I always go for bootie types as they can keep the top of the foot warm where normal flat slippers can’t – I also think they look quite smart as far as slippers go! These brown ones have the look of Uggs and will be super warm because of the fur lining.  Also they can be tucked down and there’s no dangly bits (I had some slippers with pom poms on them – looked great but a death trap on the stairs!).


Mini Fold Over Booty Brown Mix | Boux Avenue 1

3. Monqiue Bra – £26

Boux Avenue bras go up to a H cup (selected styles) which is great for the larger busted ladies like myself!  If you have a large chest then you’ll notice that the big brands that make bras for big boobs like Panache and Freya recycle styles and put them in new colours which gets quite boring!  This Monique bra goes up to a H cup and looks rather pretty and is different from other styles:

Monique Spot Full Support Balconette Bra Black Mix | Boux Avenue

4. Crystal Cut Perfume Bottle (£6)

I am still working on owning that dream dressing table! Meanwhile – how cute is this perfume bottle?  I would buy this to store other things though (I’d be a bit scared of decanting my perfume) like a scented body oil or toner. It’s also a nice inexpensive gift!

Crystal Cut Dome Perfume Bottle Clear | Boux Avenue

5. Finally – A heart design hot water bottle (£12):

I used to think that hot water bottles were for…rem…older people but then Mr C started filling one up for me when it got cold as he didn’t like my obsession with the electric blanket (it was like sleeping in a hot bath, y’all!).  I love this hot water bottle in a cute little Jacquard cover which makes it stylish and easier to cuddle!

Jacquard Heart Design Hot Water Bottle Red Mix | Boux Avenue

So there’s my favourite discoveries from the Boux Avenue website, hope you got some ideas!  I am going to try and go into a store and look at everything in person soon too as there is one near me!

Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet?

*Written for Boux Avenue – Blog disclaimer here[/noskim]

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