Under Construction!

Hello all – 

I am currently going for another blog redesign so if the site looks mish-mashy for now, it’s just in transition.  However, everything should be sorted by the weekend, if you have technical problems with the site do let me know and I will get it sorted! 

The reason for the change is because I still like to blog but I want to talk about different things now, not just cosmetics although that is my main focus.  So other things I want to talk about are things like, Parenting, Crafting, Food, Travels etc. etc. Just life, really, because my life is sort of a bit of everything right now :)

Under+construction jpg 400×300

Oh and TV. I want to talk about TV and Films, like I used to. If some of the topics are of no interest to thou, feel free to skip or press the escape key repeatedly. 

I’m off to grab a half price frappucino now, hope you have nice weekend plans?


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