Unboxing: My New Make Up Case!

So I told you girls a few days ago I ordered a make up case. It arrived, a LOT bigger than I thought it would be but never mind…

It also had a dint in the side – luckily we live close enough to the factory so we went to exchange it (I bought it from eBay). Be aware that couriers are a little cack handed when dealing with heavy boxes.

Anyway here it is!

Make up box and case .jpg

The box – it has a top panel and and some drawers at the bottom. Its pretty heavy.

Cats Make Up Box MAC Make up.jpg

I have possibly the most nosiest cat in the world:

Case Make up box tiered.jpg

Move it!

The lid comes off completely so that you can pull the tiers out:

Mac Make Up Case box Cosmetics.jpg

Here is the cat demonstrating the hinges:

Cosmetic Case Base .jpg

This closes up nicely:

make up case Makeup box mac .jpg

The top tiers which is what I think I will be using the most. Its pretty spacious and the bottom bit is deep enough for most stand up items (like Foundation).

make up case.jpg

This is the bottom section – pull out drawers! They have varying depths which is quite useful.

Make Up Case and Box.jpg

Sorry that was brief on the text side, I am in a bit of a emotional pickle at the moment.

Do you like my drawers? want them? want to live in them?!?!

(p.s. I am downsizing my make up collection BIG TIME stay tuned for a massive blog sale).

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  1. liloo says

    hahahahaha the pic of the cat who want to be in the picture. hilarious.
    i can see you going to imats next year with it lol : ‘ oh you know, just taking some essentials with me’ bwarf :) xx

    • Row says

      Hi Lilloo

      Its so bloody big I can’t take it anywhere with me unless I decide to become a pro make up artist!

    • Row says

      Hi Holly

      Go to eBay, search for seller Treelineproductsuk – the case is £79.99 inc postage x

  2. kirsty says

    I read that as noisiest, and I was like, sure that must be annoying, but what does that have to do with storage? then I scrolled down and was like “oh, LOL”