UK Release Dates for MAC Curiositease, Of Beauty & Metal-X

Bah….MAC is driving me into product overload (in a bad way) releasing range after range after range.

Trying to get official release dates from MAC is like getting blood from a stone (I am only trying to give you money!) nevertheless, I have discovered that the official release date for Curiositease, Metal-X, Of Beauty etc. will be released on 6th December (Thursday).

I should wait of course (I have my eye on some other MAC products) but it is over two weeks away…I don’t want to pay shipping twice though so I probably will hang on there (but I so want to try some Pro Loose Beauty Powders. Like, today.)

If anyone has a bug they can implant in me so I can wait just a little longer for all the collections to come out, please let me have it.

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  1. RF says


    I am finding it difficult to keep up too, plus there are things from the Pro range I want *sigh*.

    I don’t think I will be able to resist Metal-X….so I am doomed…