Ugly on the outside, beautiful on the inside?: Cezanne Mascara

When I first spotted Cezanne mascara, a budget brand from Japan I thought the same thing I think when I a new comedian – your ugly enough to be good:

cezanne mascara.jpg

There is in fact quite a few Cezanne mascara’s to choose from, so I got this Black Lash one which washes off with warm water. It was about £6.The mascara comes in a very basic black tube which looks like something my mother would have had in the 80s. Nothing wrong with that of course, just so used to fancy tubes, aren’t we?!

cezanne mascara-1.jpg

The brush is a rounded one, which separates nicely. Its a very fibery mascara, and a little dry in texture.

I can’t tell you how much I wanted to tell you that I had found the next big thing and it was super cheap…but…it was just ok:

cezanne mascara-3.jpg

Separation was great. Everything else – length, volume, curl hold was poor.

cezanne mascara-2.jpg

Sigh. I buy mascara’s all the time, and so often they are a complete let down, regardless of price. You can see the whole range here. I also bought the Glamourlush mascara so will try that out although I hate opening a new mascara just to try it and find out its rubbish:

japanese mascara.jpg

See? No curl retention at all.

Bah Humbug!

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