Twilight Volturi Enrapture Sheer Lip Gloss in Obsess and Arsenic Review, Swatches

My closest encounter with Twilight was seeing the first and second films and deciding that actually, I quite liked them despite obvious errors, and that if I was Bella I would have some kind of polygamist situation going on.

(No, no, no, can’t read the book, no time!)

This led to Mr Candy taking much pleasure in branding me a Twi-Hard, something he still says to this day which then leads him to a fit of giggles.

Anyway, Twilight Make Up (yes go on, laugh at me) on sale (ha!) for £5 on ASOS (they trick me every time into ordering crap I don’t need).

Twilight Enrapture Sheer lip Gloss in Arsenic and Obsess. I wonder who came up with these kind of names first, Twilight or Illamasqua?


That reminds me, I did buy a full price Twilight Lip Gloss in Luna – nothing special.

Here they are in their pots. I hate potted lip colours by the way, not hygienic most of the time. The design is quite cute though.


Don’t get too excited, remember these are SHEER GLOSSES….

They say:

Super sheer, vitamin e laced glosses in two fantastic shades with just enough gold shimmer to bring out your inner sinner.

The Shades:

Obsess – The hottest magenta with gold shimmer and a just picked raspberry scent.

Arsenic – Sheerest back that goes on clear and leaves a trace of gold shimmer with a delicate licorice scent.


I love both of these colours to look at but sheered out, one must wonder if these just become – blah.

The black, Arsenic is really nice with gold glitter infused throughout – actually one of the nicest attempts at black lip glosses I have tried, although Phia Black by Lancome is similar.


Swatches on the lips – Obsess the hot pink is very sheer and looks like a normal lip colour on although in real life, there’s a nice purple shimmer going on:


I really really like Arsenic, its a beautiful muted black, almost turns a grey on the lips with a fine shimmer (not so noticeable in photographs though) on the lips. J’adore.


Its not all perfect though….

The Ingredients List:


The first ingredient is Mineral Oil and it shows. It doesn’t sit so well on my lips, it feels a bit plastic-y if that makes sense. I would have preferred something more natural, especially as it isn’t cheap at full price.

Still, its worth a play at £5 each. Bought it here from ASOS.

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  1. baby in a corner says

    my teenage sister is obsessed with twilight as well as Kirsten Stewart and R-Pattz! I hated the movie and whole concept in general especially the second film – she just pines after him the whole time to the extent that she can barely function. Also K-Stew cannot act!

    these would be a good present for my sister though!

    • Row says

      I have a hugeee soft spot of K-Stew I think its cos she’s so damn awkward where other young actresses would be lapping it up!

      But no, the acting was lame!

  2. Shari Reilly says

    Thanks for the review. I had heard about this makeup line, and was wondering how good it actually was. Better than I expected, from the sounds of things. Usually tie-in products like these are usually even cheaper than what we see here. (Cheaper in the sense of quality, not in the price.)

    I will add that the books are far, far better than the movies. No comparison. They’re no Shakespeare, but they are a fun read. :)

    • Row says

      I haven’t read the book but as a writer I think I will – I want to see what brings in the mega bucks!

      The range is OK and I like them at half price – at full price, no its a little bit rubbish