Tweezer Hell: Slice Combo Tip Tweezers Review

It serves me right for losing my Japonesque Tweezers – they were serving me so well then POOF – they just disappeared. I’ve tried to find them but to no avail…

Then I read about these Slice tweezers. Quite simply the best, they said. So I paid far more then they are actually worth having them shipped over from the USA – I paid around £27 in total. Sigh.

Here they are:

Slice combo tip tweezers

I’ve never actively disliked a pair of tweezers before, but I do not get on with these ones. First, the blurb:

 These tweezers were designed by famed architect Michael Graves and took 2 years of testing and development

Perfectly aligned, hand-filed combination pointed + slanted tips plus a wide, comfortable grip for expert precision, every time.

  • Combination slanted + pointed tip.
  • Professional grade stainless steel.
  • Hand-filed, perfectly aligned tips.
  • Ideal for professional brow shaping, general and precision tweezing.
  • Easily grab coarse hair and short stubs.
Here is the tweezer – it’s red and the body has a rubberised feel.  It’s ok, but I quite like the enamel of the Japonesque ones I owned.

Tweezer Hell Slice Combo Tip Tweezers Review

First off the positives. It looks nice.  It feels quite nice and heavy weight. It does grip hairs. A little too well. 
Now – I get that they are supposed to have a very sharp tip so you can use them for super short hairs and longer ones. The problem is they are TOO SHARP. 
When clamping down on the hair, I found quite often it would cut the hair because of it’s sharpness. Could I be gentler…maybe but here’s the thing. I found these awkward and quite hard to squeeze together because of the shape and because they are quite stiff. Therefore I had to use quite a lot of pressure to get them together.
I personally think that tweezers can be too sharp. I’ve had a few that I had to be very careful with because they’d nip the skin easily (no one wants blunt tweezers either but there is a middle point).
Slice tweezers
Now the pointy tip I also found problematic. 
As they are very very pointed and very sharp (no doubt so you can get to those hairs that are just stubs).  But when I hold it out like I would with a normal pair of tweezers the point is directly on my skin:
Slice tweezers 1
Ergo, I have to hold the tweezers like this in order to do general tweezing. But when I hold it like this, my hand covers a lot of my face and I can’t see properly to tweeze! 
Slice tweezers 2
One could hold them sideways to tweeze – perhaps some people are comfortable doing this but I find tweezing the hairs side on really difficult as I can’t see what I’m doing.
It’s just not the way I would naturally hold tweezers.
Slice Tweezers 3
Despite having these sent over from the US I am not really comfortable using them – they are razor sharp and would be useful for some tweezing but I just couldn’t get comfortable with them.
I find Tweezerman tweezers average, I do like my Shu Uemura’s but they have gone blunt!  So I may have to repurchase some Japoneque ones!
What are your favourite tweezers?
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  1. says

    I know what you mean – I use tweezermans and have done so for a very long time – I lost them not long ago and decided to use a set someone had given me – and hated them!! I ended up buying myself some new tweezermans and then the next day finding the old ones!!
    Samantha xxx