Tutorial: Green & Gold Eyes

I am dabbling in the areas of tutorials – I am no professional but like a lot of girls who love make up, I get ideas from magazines and learn through practice. Everyone has to adapt things to suit their own eye shape but hopefully any of you can use this guide.

green eyes.jpg

All of the colours and tools I used are dupable but I have tried to use brands that can be bought from around the world – otherwise it would be obscure Japanese brands all the way!

All tutorials will be stored in a slideshow form on a new ‘TUTORIALS’ page shortly!

1: Colour

Green is my favourite colour so I created this for a summer look. Asian ladies with a similar eye shape may find this particuraly helpful although the principles can be applied to any eye shape.

2: Tools

I am using four brushes, Laura Mercier Flat Lining Brush, MAC 239, Pout Large Shadow Brush and NARS smudge brush (my favourite brush in the world!).


3: Make Up

I am using Urban Decay Primer Potion, Bobbi Brown Black Gel Liner, YSL Faux Cils in Black, MAC Pigment in Charteruse, Too Faced Galaxy Glam in Moon Beam, Urban Decay Matte Shadow in ABC Gum, Urban Decay Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy, Nars Pencil in Black Moon. Optional Extra Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy (not pictured).

cosmetic candy urban decay mac-1.jpg

Let’s begin!

1: Start with a clean, bare eye.


2: Dot the eyeshadow primer over the lids.


Click for the rest of the tutorial!
3: Pat it in.

DSC01590.jpg @ 100% (RGB_8).jpg

4: I like to start with eyeliner to build some depth around the eyelashes. Using a sharp pencil, draw a line starting from the outside inwards 2/3 into the eye.


5: Gently pull the skin taut and draw the line from the corner of the eye inwards taking care to make this line thin and close to the lashline.


6: Open your eye to check everything is ok.


7: Draw a line from the inner corner on the bottom lash across the waterline half way.


8: Start from the outer corner you drew earlier and draw in.


9: Finally, draw a line inder the lashes to add more depth


10: Using the Too Faced Shadow, get some of the colour (light and dark mixed together) and draw across the crease as a guide.


11: Open your eye to check. I presonally don’t like to take the colour too high up just because I have a lot of space between the lid and the brow.


13: Slowly start to shade the colour in. Moon Beam has two tones swirled together, dark and light so get a mix of both for this.


14: What the eye looks like closed.


15: Take the green colour under the eye.


16: This is roughly what the eye should look like:


17: Next get Charteruse and dot it in the middle of the lid.


18: This is what it looks like when the eye is open.


19: Take the lightest tone in the Moon Beam shadow and apply this to the inner corner.


20: Roughly what it will look like.


21: Next take ABC Gum by Urban Decay, a matte peach on the brown bone. I like to use matte shades across the middle area of the eye – especially with eyes like mine that have a lot of area between my lid and brow, shiny shades all over make them look super puffy.


22: Blend it in around the edges.


23: If you need to clean up the edges, then take some of ABC gum and neaten up the corners. Blend any other bits together as you wish.


24: Use a gold glitter liner on the inner corner.


25: The finished eyeshadow. Add some concealer under the eye if necessary.


26: Get the gel liner. As I guide, I dot a line from the corner of my eye towards my eyebrow so I know how far to take it.


27: Draw the liner across the top lash line.


28: Finished eye closed. Add mascara and brow gel.


29: Finished eye open. I prefer to wear my colour quite strong and not too high up.


30: You can also add some sparkles and a nice silvery sheen to the lid by adding a glitter eyeshadow for a party. In the next images I have added Urban Decays Midnight Cowboy over the brow bone.

DSC01670.jpg @ 100% (RGB_8).jpg

Before and After:


31: Done!

DSC01683.jpg @ 50% (RGB_8).jpg

There will be a tutorials page added to the blog and hopefully (if I can find time) some other projects like this going up!

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. says

    You have really pretty eyes. I think you did a great job with the tutorial, too… very easy to understand.

  2. Elle says

    Thanks for this tutorial, it’s very clear and useful. You’re great in doing eye make-up! I might try this with some other colours (I’m still a bit afraid of wearing bright colours heh).
    Looking forward to more tutorials 😀

  3. Becca says

    You did a GREAT job, and I loved the whole tutorial in pictures like this. Hopefully after reading the great compliments here, you will have some more confidence to keep doing these!

    You have gorgeous eyes, and the green you used on them make them look stunning…they really pop!

  4. Blair says

    I enjoyed looking at your very detailed step by step tutorial! Thank you for spending so much time on making one single tutorial!!