Tutorial: 50s Make Up Look

Hallo my dears – this is my second tutorial which will be made into a permanent tutorial and a podcast/video shortly. This is a classic 50s look – dark strong brows, red lips, pale skin and dark black eyeliner in about 15 mins.


cosmetic candy.jpg

Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel Primer
Rouge Bunny Rouge Aquarelle Foundation (a few shades lighter than skintone)
Benefit Badgal Mascara
Blinc Black Liquid Liner
NYX Cream Blusher in Red
Illamasqua Pencil in Spell
Nars Pencil in Black Moon
Revlon Matte Lipstick in Really Red
YSL Palette in Tresto D’Afrique
Anastasia Brow ex-press

Here we go!

Step 1: Put hair in rollers – curly hair is a must!

Step 2: Put primer on the skin. We want a nice, white base.


Step 3: Apply foundation – lighter than the skintone for that pale and interesting look:


Step 4: Apple a matte, ivory/beige all over the eye:


Step 5: Take the matte mid brown for the contour:


Apply in the crease:


Blend away:


Step 6: Use a inky black liquid liner to draw a line:


Step 7: Use a pencil in black to line the lower lash line:


Join the corners up:


Step 8: Add mascara!


Step 9: Do your brows. I am using a stencil for a full brow as I want an exaggerated effect:


Fill in with brow powder:


Apply to the ends too:


Full defined brow – adjust as you please:


Stage 10: Dot the red blush along the cheeks:


Blend away:


Step 11: Dot some foundation on the lips to create a base:


Draw a lipline:


The top lip in the 50s style is very rounded rather than angular so I made the lip quite curvy like a heart shape:


Use a lipbrush and add the lip colour:




Add another coat:


Clean up edges with a sponge with a bit of foundation:


Step 12: Take out rollers and add a fascinator or some feathers for the 50s look!


DSC02064.JPG @ 25% (RGB_8).jpg
DSC02080.JPG @ 25% (RGB_8)-1.jpg

I am madly in love with my fascinator which I found on ebay. It looks like its just a lot of fine feathers stuck on a hair comb but I adore it! Might try making my own…

There will be more photos in the tutorial that is converted to a podcast/video and is uploaded to the Tutorials page (see the top navigation bar!)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know if you have any ideas for the next one!

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  1. Elle says

    Ooh even though I wouldn’t sport this look myself, I think it’s gorgeous! Very nicely done. And the feathery thing is a cute detail 😉

    • Row says

      Hi Elle

      Thanks! This is definately a party or event look – I love that fascinator so much I want to be invited to a wedding!

  2. Chica says

    Row you look really beautiful :) Black liner and red lippy is my staple going out look.

    • Row says

      Hi Chica

      Awww thank you. Red lip and liner is a super quick way to glamour, isn’t it :)

  3. Zereen says

    Row you amaze me. This is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping you’d do. x

  4. Girl says

    I was going to ask ‘but what about the uber-50’s false eyelashes?!?’, then I realized you have lash extensions, so falsies wouldn’t be advisable. How are the lash extensions holding up, by the way? I’m too cheap/chicken to get actual lash extensions, so I’m going to spring for some Shu Uemura falsies (as well as the pricey lash tweezers).

    Once the extensions wear off, would you consider doing a false eyelash tutorial?

  5. Row says

    Hey Girl

    Hmm they have pretty much nearly come off – but there are some still clinging for life. I think have super watery eyes doesnt help plus I am definately rubber – rub rub rub. and I used oily make up remover. So basically I did everything I wasn’t supposed to.

    Is that your preference, a false eyelash tutorial? Application you mean? If so yah yah I can do that! x