Tuesday Giveaway! Magic Lash Enhancer and Mascara Set!


Hurrah, at last another giveaway!

Today, win a full size tube of Magic Lash enhancer (a white powder full of fiber you use pre mascara to add volume and length), and a matching black mascara designed to go with the enhancer.

You use the mascara FIRST, then add the powder (so it will stick) then add another coat of mascara.

You could keep going until your lashes weight down your face if you want – but its not recommended.

So to win…

Answer this…

Have you ever fluttered your eyelashes to get something? If so, what?


I flutter my eyelashes to people on a daily basis, but that’s usually because of my nervous twitch or because I am not flirting, I’m begging.

The last time I begged was I was given some lumpy custard – I fluttered at Mr Candy and he ate it for me!

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You may enter twice by using both methods too.

Note: I will be announcing the 5 days giveaway winners in the next 48 hours. Its been madly hectic here so I haven’t had time to pick yet. I will also hopefully have some time to respond to comments, so please do bear with me!

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  1. Rebecca Ball says:

    I only ever flutter my eyelashes at my dad! Ha

    I’m a daddy’s girl and a bit of an eyelash flutter does wonders when i’ve done something I shouldn’t! Lol

    It worked especially well when I was a little girl but still works occasionally now even though i’m in my twenties! Lol

  2. SeriouslyKooky says:

    Last time I fluttered my eyelashes to get something was last night – I asked hubby to make me a hot water bottle as I was cold lol.

  3. My husband, to get him to go to the shop for me

  4. xxladyluck13xx says:

    Last week, at my boss, so he would let me leave early to go shopping lol

  5. jenniwren12 says:

    I flutter my eyelashes on a regular basis to my husband, asking if he’ll do the school run. Sometimes it even works!

  6. I’m another daddy’s girl that uses the fluttering eyelashes tactic!

    I tried it (successfully!) last weekend to get him to drop me into town for a night out!

  7. Daddy’s girl right here too! Hahaha
    Fluttered my eyelashes and asked if I could buy me a portfolio case & pen set (for art) and he said, “Sure sure, just buy *whatever you need* You don’t need to ask *smile”

    LOL what I *need* huh… πŸ˜›

  8. Angela Bailey says:

    I try this on my boyfriend but he won’t fall for it.

  9. sherieannb says:

    Hi I always flutter my eyelashes to get what I want, I must admit it does not always work. My eyes are much more noticeable with mascara on, so thats the best time to flutter them when I want new clothes or shoes x

  10. kim holgate says:

    Every time I want my partner to make me a coffee or get me something to eat once im snugged up on the sofa at night.

  11. lol I’m another daddy’s girl I suppose, use it mainly to get lifts too! My BF rarely falls for it

  12. I use it every night, last night, I used it on my husband to boil water for me to make some tea :)

  13. Nope, that trick hasn’t worked for me!

  14. no never -.-‘ Don’t need it..

  15. Victoria Smith says:

    I fluttered my eyelashes at my boyfriend so he would do the washing up – and he did haha xx

  16. I only do that when I wanted to make a point :-)

  17. I was at school and fluttered my lashes at the computer tech guy! He gave me free copy money and fixed my computer NO CHARGE!!! Woohoo SHAMELESS I AM!!

  18. I never flutter my eyelashes! I don’t have pretty little wings to flutter =(

  19. tousledkitten says:

    I don’t need to flutter my lashes but sometimes I do so in jest at my fiancΓ©. πŸ˜€

  20. I don’t flutter my eyelashes, but I might if I win this prize.

  21. It’s rare, but if I’ve ever fluttered my eyelashes, I’ve done it as a joke with my husband. Gah, it’s never worked though! But sure did make us both laugh :)

  22. I’m completely shameless when it comes to eyelash fluttering and usually go the whole hog.
    But I like making men uncomfortable in the street and if I see one I like the look of I go I stare and flutter and smile a little.
    Completely shameless, but completely fun too :)
    I have started a few conversations that way but it’s just a bit of fun.
    I don’t think I’ve ever used it to get my way though, I’d be afraid that I’d lose all credibility in my mainly male profession.

  23. I flutter my eyelashes on a daily basis. They do wonders when out drinking. Don’t have change for the door? *flutter* “Come on in, darling”

  24. I flutter my eyelashes and pout cutely when the canteen lady serving me dinner gives me too little chips…LOL. She sighs then dumps another load onto my plate..hehe works everytime! =P

    Yes, I’m just plain greedy when it comes to chips..Aren’t we all?? πŸ˜‰


  25. I’ve never had to flutter my eyelashes, surprisingly. But if I had to, it would be to the boss to let me have a day off and go out with the girls!

  26. nah, at least I can’t remember. But i do have a sad face!

  27. I flutter my eyelashes to make people less annoyed when they catch me fibbing **embarrassed** No really, sometimes, it just happens and it’s always harmless. I swear!

  28. I do at my husband when i want he does something for me.

  29. I don’t flutter I beg also πŸ˜› The last time was when I got my sister to shout me a coffee after I used all my money to shop >.<

  30. I fluttered my eyelashes for butterfly kisses from my baby niece. =)

  31. *hellokelbell* says:

    I can’t flutter my eyelashes tried it once with my boyf and he asked if I was feeling alright which wasn’t the response I had hoped for lol. Im more of a petted lip kind of girl works everytime with the mister.

  32. that trick doesn’t work for me… been married too long i guess !

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