Tuesday Giveaway: Full Set of Fruity Radox Shower Smoothies

Good morning ladies!

I have a very busy week ahead so excuse the lack of posts. However – I have not neglected you!

Radox has teamed up with Cosmetic Candy to offer you a chance to win a Radox Shower Smoothies beach kit, full of Radox goodies and the full range of Shower Smoothies.


These luxuriously, indulgent body washes are a must have for the summer and come in five different varieties offering a blend of fruity fragrances that will leave you feeling completely pampered.

Whether you indulge in creamy camomile, with a hint of cranberry or enjoy the sweet smell of pomegranate and elderberries, there is a smoothie in the range to suit you.

All five smoothies are designed to leave your skin soft and soothed and you feeling tip-top for the beach and smelling good enough to eat.

Wanna win?
Method 1.

I’ve the best week and the worst week! I’ve had incredible news, but also awful news. My nerves are shot! So I want to know…

What is your comfort “thing”? It can be chocolate brownie with ice cream, it can you your cat, it can be chewing on jelly beans. How do you keep yourself balanced?


Coffee…really milky coffee with a big spoonful of brown sugar, I find comforting! That, combined with Mr Candy and my family – Mum, Nan and Aunties. When you have your family and loved ones behind you, you feel 10 times stronger.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

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Radox are also running a special competition from July the 22nd!

Name the new Radox Shower Smoothie and you could win a trip to the Caribbean

Not heading abroad this summer? Been dreaming of sunning yourself on a tropical beach? Well, Radox are giving you the chance to win an amazing luxury holiday to the Caribbean, plus £1000 spending money. All you have to do is get creative and suggest a name for the next Shower Smoothies.

To enter the competition, wait til August the 5th and put forward your Shower Smoothies name simply go to www.facebook.com/radox.

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  1. Nicky Russell says:

    My comforter is my hot water bottle, I snuggle up and the world feels safe again…. Not too useful in this weather tho :)


  2. My comfort thing is a good book. It gives a chance to escape to a whole other world but most of the time puts things into perspective if the characters lives end up going through things worse than I could ever have imagined.

  3. sassyele says:

    My comfort thing is tea…I drink it by the boat load!! Probably aren’t doing myself any favours but I don’t get stressed that often, however the 12+ cuppas a day could have something to do with that!! lol

  4. Nothing ever beats a good cuddle,
    when that’s not an option
    the teddy bear I was given when I was born is the next best thing,
    even though it’s got balding patches and flops a bit cos of lost stuffing.
    (I’m only telling you this because I’m anon on here lol)

  5. Kim Allen says:

    I have 2 ways, if something has genuinely upset me, I play flash games untill I find they dont bother me anymore (bejeweled works best for me most times!lol) But, if it’s my imagination gone into overdrive (when I’m on an everyone hates me moment!lol) then the thing which centers me best and brings everything back into focus is just a hug from Dave, resting my head on his shoulder I can feel all my stress flow away and start to see clearly again :-)

  6. My comfort is crisps, or any form of potato really. I am such a comfort eater!

  7. For me it’s watching a good romcom (The Wedding Date is a favourite of mine) on the sofa under my duvet and with something yummy like cake, Ben & Jerry’s or Butterkist Popcorn. Perfect!

  8. My comfort is a long, hot bath. It must be the Japanese blood in me – nothing soothes me better than a long soak in a hot bath with or without a bath bomb. That reminds me – I’m due for a trip to an onsen (Japanese hot spring)!

  9. A good soak in warm water. So relaxing. Really kills the tiredness. Also my cell phone because through it I can be in touch with my family and friends whenever I want to. Pina colada’s and cold coffee with a generous scoop of chocolate or cherry ice cream also power me up!

  10. Harpreet says:

    my comfort thins is my blanket! i like to snuggle in it on the sofa watching movies and eating ben & jerrys!

  11. My comfort things: ranting about everything online to my online friends, because they dont know anyone in my life, which makes it easier to rant and get everything out of my system. A book, some junkfood, a blanket, a comfortable couch and 3 cats on my feet. Or just a hug from my beloved, which makes me feel happy no matter what.

  12. Jane Willis says:

    My comfort is crafting – when I’m surrounded by paper, glue and ink, nothing else matters

  13. Melissa says:

    My comfort thing is a slice of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. its a delicious treat that helps calm me on a busy day.
    Thanks. :)

  14. My comfort thing is my bed.. Whenever I feel sad I just lay down in there and hug my pillows to make me feel warm somehow inside. Esp. when you don’t have someone to make you feel better, someone to talk to, or someone who will embrace you tight and make you feel loved.

  15. Twitter @missielizzieb says:

    My comfort thang is a big old cuddle with my daughter. She gives the best squeezes that make everything right with the world.

  16. My fav thing to do when I’m not feeling great is to climb into bed under my huge comforter, grab a bag of munchies and a hot drink, and dive into my latest favorite novel =)

  17. My comfort thing is my baby brother.
    He never fails to notice if I’m upset, tired, annoyed etc. and always manages to come around and act all cute and babylike until he can make me laugh, which incidentally never takes very long!
    I love him so much!!!

  18. Stephanie says:

    I tend to find a lot of comfort in Radio Four comedy! One Song to the Tune of Another from I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, the Copenhagen climate conference as a Dr Seuss book on the Now Show, and last week’s news explained in simple terms and with more jokes put in on the News Quiz. One stupidly big laugh and I feel much better :D

  19. Comfort food: Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!!

  20. My comfort is blind down, lights off and DISNEY movies! Or even belleville rendez-vous. Colourful movies that aren’t gonna make me feel worse. I usually watch these while drinking a giant mug of tea with two sugars in.

  21. My bf. He’s really all I need.

  22. Music. Any mood I’m in, wherever I am, I need music.
    I read with music, I write with music, it’s too quiet and weird without it XD

  23. My comfort “thing” is my boyfriend! :) He always has the way to calm me down! :) My best friend too, I love him!! :)

  24. my comfort things are a good book, a cup of tea and some chocolate..great way to relax after a stressfull day :)

    sarah x

  25. Deanna G. says:

    My comfort “thing:” TV and/or movies.

  26. Alexandra says:

    My comfort thing is a big hug from my son. Seeing as he is a teenager i had better make the most of them lol. Also cats,my cat gannet or any cat i see around :)

  27. I tend to phone a friend and talk it out rather than trying to deal with things all inside my head.

    Also love a mug of hot milky tea – preferably chai or Lady Grey – for making the world seem a wee bit more manageable…

  28. My comfort is a nice, long, hot shower that makes everything all good :)

  29. phew! i really need this! was off for a few days from work (sick leave) and have been running around ever since trying to get a certificate from the hospital which my workplace will accept! both sides are playing me (hospital – so that they can keep charging me and my workplace – i’m not sure why!) so i’ve been stressed plenty! my comfort regime is some chocolate, a blanket and a good book! and maybe if i’m feeling extra sinful, some hokey-pokey ice cream too :) nothing beats this combination!

  30. stefania says:

    My comfort thing is every kind of sweet

  31. Sleeeeeeep! zzzzz… most comforting thing. With large fluffy duvets and 2 pillows. With the windows out and the heating on…

  32. Lakshmi says:

    Eating Galaxy Cookie Crumble whilst snuggled up under my duvet.

  33. Hanna OBrien says:

    My comfort is peanut M&M’s, the big bag of course. In one go.

  34. Nicola R says:

    Cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit

  35. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    Galaxy and a cup of strong tea!

  36. I find music cathartic. If something has upset me or I’m feeling down, I retreat to my room with my ipod on and switch off from the world just listening to the music. A bar of chocolate helps too of course ;)

  37. wendy hirst says:

    Mine is a bar. of chocolate and watching a Johnny Depp movie, makes me feel a lot better.

  38. Stacey Buchanan says:

    Always always always a good cuddle!! Nothing else compares!

  39. kirsty caldwell says:

    my favourite comfort thing it grabbing a good book and a snuggly blanket, so i can forget about my problems and and read something with a happy ending

  40. Catherine Owen says:

    A duvet day with my daughter on the sofa, watching lots of girly DVDs, hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and lots of chocolate!

  41. Suzanne Frary says:

    Music….something I can sing along to (not sure my neighbours are so keen :D )
    Blast it out, Glass of nice vino and then a soak in the tub! Bliss

  42. I have a rose quartz braclet which gets treated like worry beads when I’m stressed. Best way to cheer me up has to be huggles from my little boy

  43. Andrew Thomson says:


  44. greentiger says:

    It might not seem like a comfort thing to other people but it destresses me – watching my football team (Falkirk). I really miss it in the close season; even the World Cup is no substitute! During summer I have to make do with petting my cat.

  45. My destress comfort is a cup of coffee with a Mars bar.

  46. dorothy says:

    either chocolate or strawberries and ice cream

  47. I love reading, when I broke up with my ex I was absolutely heartbroken so I got stuck into Harry Potter (haha), read them & then moved on to Marian Keyes etc etc. It worked a treat, I felt I was taken to another world, away from my stress. A glass of wine helps too ;)

  48. Being snuggled up in bed when it’s cold outside, with a cup of tea and some M&Ms :)

  49. a big sticky cream cake.

  50. toni quandt says:

    my comfort thing is stroking my fluffy little dog whilst he is asleep on my lap

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