Tuesday Giveaway: Full Set of Fruity Radox Shower Smoothies

Good morning ladies!

I have a very busy week ahead so excuse the lack of posts. However – I have not neglected you!

Radox has teamed up with Cosmetic Candy to offer you a chance to win a Radox Shower Smoothies beach kit, full of Radox goodies and the full range of Shower Smoothies.


These luxuriously, indulgent body washes are a must have for the summer and come in five different varieties offering a blend of fruity fragrances that will leave you feeling completely pampered.

Whether you indulge in creamy camomile, with a hint of cranberry or enjoy the sweet smell of pomegranate and elderberries, there is a smoothie in the range to suit you.

All five smoothies are designed to leave your skin soft and soothed and you feeling tip-top for the beach and smelling good enough to eat.

Wanna win?
Method 1.

I’ve the best week and the worst week! I’ve had incredible news, but also awful news. My nerves are shot! So I want to know…

What is your comfort “thing”? It can be chocolate brownie with ice cream, it can you your cat, it can be chewing on jelly beans. How do you keep yourself balanced?


Coffee…really milky coffee with a big spoonful of brown sugar, I find comforting! That, combined with Mr Candy and my family – Mum, Nan and Aunties. When you have your family and loved ones behind you, you feel 10 times stronger.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow and Retweet to Win a full set of Radox Shower Smoothies in a Beach Bag! For info go to – http://tinyurl.com/2u3fmr9

Radox are also running a special competition from July the 22nd!

Name the new Radox Shower Smoothie and you could win a trip to the Caribbean

Not heading abroad this summer? Been dreaming of sunning yourself on a tropical beach? Well, Radox are giving you the chance to win an amazing luxury holiday to the Caribbean, plus £1000 spending money. All you have to do is get creative and suggest a name for the next Shower Smoothies.

To enter the competition, wait til August the 5th and put forward your Shower Smoothies name simply go to www.facebook.com/radox.

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  1. LUCY says

    If I am stressed I have a nice soapy shower and get clean jim jams on, nice big glass of wine (unhealthy, oops) and a good moan on the phone to whoever will listen!

  2. Katherine says

    My comfort thing is crawling into bed and knowing that I don’t have to get up at a certain time so I can just melt away ….

  3. sunny day says


  4. leanne chesterman says

    My favourite comfort is a big hug from my gran as whenever I feel sad or lonely I go to her and she makes me feel amazing. Nans are the best!

  5. Julie Henderson says

    My comfort item has to be my heart hot water bottle. A great comfort even when its warm outside

  6. Maddy says

    Forget this heat for a moment, my electric blanket simply snuggles all my worries away!

  7. Maddy says

    The gangly arms of my 7 year old grand-daughter around my neck, or the warm fuzziness of her litte brother. very soothing when the world seems so very harsh…

  8. says

    a cup of tea and a packet of ice cream chewits (is that weird?) in bed with the boyf (and the cat if she’s in a nice mood) followed by a long long lay-in usually works for me.

  9. Pete says

    riding my Fatboy down country lanes, the waft of wild garlic on the breeze. (Can’t hear the sweet birdsong over the roar of an even sweeter V twin engine :) !)

  10. kt says

    I go a run or swim to sort out my mind and sweat it out then relax in the tub with lotsa bubbles and groovy music and a nice cool drink and be thankful that its over.

  11. Laura says

    Twirling my hair! Can’t explain it just calms me down and comforts me in any situation!

  12. Helen S says

    My comfort thing is getting into cleanly laundered sheets; I would love to do this every night but my washing machine wouldn’t cope LOL

  13. Pippa says

    A fish finger sandwich on white bread with processed cheese slices and plenty of mayo and ketchup – disgustingly unhealthy but never fails to cheer me up :)

  14. Janice says

    my comfort thing is going to be tied between chocolate and music – there are some days when chocolate works better, and other days when music will do :)

  15. carrie hobbs says

    The smile of delight that my baby gives me everytime I look at him, he is a walking talking stress re – liever!

  16. says

    A large glass of red Côtes du Rhone, a bar of very dark chocolate and a loooooong bath! Mmmmmmmmm – might just do that now!

  17. says

    For me, the best way to comfort is go shopping until I throw up in the Mall !!
    no joking ~ whenever I feel tired or stressed, I head to Mall and see how people live their lives happy plus wandering around the stores and have good foods. that’s all I do!

  18. Stephanie says

    I have the BIGGEST pillow – seriously, it’s epic – and it’s amazingly squishy and covered in a velvety material. That’s my comfort thing. Hugging it on the sofa watching telly, or flopping onto it with book and a bottle. I’ll often bring it out after a big meal and fall asleep on it. It’s amazing. Best. thing. ever.

  19. Angela says

    Being wrappeed up in a duvet on my sofa with a good book, a large slab of chocolate and a large glass of cabernet sauvignon.

  20. Heather Walsh says

    Sitting in the middle of my vegetable patch where its all quiet and i can smell the lovely smell of the soil and all the different veg growing in the sun.

  21. Sajeda Patel says

    Has to be hugging my gorgeous baby boy. A squishy cuddle and a sniff of his baby smell is extremely comforting.

  22. Vic says

    Getting away from everything and everyone. Walking with my dog in a forest or on moors where I know I will not run into anyone and then just sitting, thinking and relaxing.

  23. DENISE says

    A long soak in the bath with a bar of chocolate things never seem quite as bad after that.

  24. Alli says

    A walk with my dog in the countryside with my camera in hand to take lots of photos!

  25. Amanda H says

    For me, I like to pamper myself. Painting my nails, long soak in the bath, having my nails done, facemask… I have big box of products I haven’t tried yet, I love trying out something new each time – my guilty pleasure. If I’m having a really bad day then really good quality fairtrade dark chocolate is hard to beat.

  26. Michelle Kinsey says

    I love it when it is all wet and miserable outside and the rain is pelting off the windows. Perfect excuse for a nice hot cup of tea, my fleecy blanket and a good Disney DVD, all snuggled up with my 11 month old son. I barely get time to chill out running about everywhere, but when its horrid outside, its Law in my house that I do not do anything but chill out.

    Any other time when it aint horrible outside, I love having my hair brushed and played with. My hair is way past my waist and find it difficult to brush it properly, so its lush just to sit and have it brushed for me for a while :)

  27. Helen C says

    Combination of cats, glass of wine and a great book – no way to avoid being chilled then.

  28. Kat C. says

    I’m not sure if this giveaway is international, but i really find comfort in buying makeup (i know, it’s bad) and going to the parlor to have a haircut :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  29. Amy says

    Oh, wow. I was out shopping before and there was a stall handing out free sample tubes of the fruity berry (pink) one. It was asbsolutely STUNNING. I may not be looking hard enough, but I haven’t for the life of me been able to find these on sale anywhere yet! :C

    As for what I do to unwind; if I’m feeling stressed or upset, I like to have a hot bubbly bath and read a book. (Usually Twilight, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Evermore or The Colour Purple.)

    Good luck everyone! 😀 These are sooo lush, I can’t wait to eventually get my hands on one ahgain.

  30. Merrill McGuinness says

    I like to de-stress with a hot bath or blasting my music while playing online solitare : )