Tuesday Giveaway: Boots No. 7 Limited Edition Power Palette

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This weeks giveaway is for this Boots No. 7 palette which can be used wet or dry – dry for a sheer look, wet for florescent! The colours are water-resistant and contains shades of vibrant green, apple green, lilac, metallic silver and soft mocha to add metallic shine to your eyes.

If you don’t win, its available from 20th May – 14th July for £13!

I have one to giveaway! Anyone may enter once, wherever you are in the world.

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To win, answer in the comments:

Whats your favourite colour combo for make, eyes, cheeks & lips?

Me: I love strong blue eyes with chocolate shadow to contrast, peach cheeks and nude lips with hint of peach and blue micro sparkles. Yes I’m weird.

Winner announced next Monday!

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  1. amber says

    Ooh gorgeous palette! I’m in the USA so it’s hard to find Boots brand here. I love those colors.

    I love a rosy blush to the cheeks, and a soft crimson red stain to the lips, fr the eyes I love bronze and brown, or dark green and minty green, it seems to make my brown eyes pop! :) Thank you!

  2. Halifax says

    For me, it’s gonna be gold & green shadows, peachy colour on cheeks and sheer coral on lips

  3. Raquel says

    For summer, I love a bronzy shadow with accents of peachy gold. A warm coral on cheeks, then same on the lips plus clear gloss. Gorgeous!

  4. Amira says

    I always return to my old favourite: plum and taupe-y brown shadow to bring out my green eyes, coral blush or benetint, and benetint with clear gloss or balm on the lips.

  5. says

    I always opt for brown eye shadows with peachy/nude lips! For cheeks i’d pair with a peachy/orangy pink colour!

  6. says

    I like something a bit subtle… maybe some brown eyeshadow on the lids, with minimum eyeliner and mascara. A light pink cheek with pale lips.

  7. Laura says

    I like to experiment with all shades of eye shadow colors, but I probably have the most colors in light brown and gold. They bring out the blue in my eyes. I love a strong coral cheek color and since my lips are naturally rosy, I usually apply Jack Black Lip Balm on top. :)

  8. Melia says

    I love during the summer to wear a pink or sheer yellow eyeshadow with green in the crease, with pinkish cheeks and coral lipgloss.

  9. says

    I’m always a fan of soft colours and peaches, so for eyes its a lilac/pink gradient, cheeks its a soft pink blush (not too much and blended well) and for lips, either a soft pink lipstick with silver/white gloss over, or just silver/white gloss. Its so feminine and pretty =)

  10. A says

    i’ve been wanting to try boots for sometime now…but the Target that carries boots..doesn’t have a wide variety of products.. =[

    my favortite combo of eyes,lips,and cheeks is natural glam~ =D
    a white-ish tan as the base, brown or any dark neutral color on the edges of
    the crease(for that v shape crease look) since i have asian eyes i want that depth look, then for the cheeks a soft pink glow with a brush of bronzer over it, and
    lastly for the lips and nudy pink coral~ =]

  11. Stephanie Luff says

    Gold shadow on lid, burnt orange in crease, stila kitten on brow bone, brown eyeliner & mascara, coral lipstick, milani luminous blush (it looks like Nars Orgasm). A very nice summer look!

  12. Nina says

    I love a bronzy, smokey eye with cat eyeliner. Peachy bronze on the cheeks and a peachy nude lip.

  13. kirsty says

    My favourite look of the moment is gold and pink on the lids, peachy pink on the cheeks and a pink stain on the lips

  14. mindy says

    i tend to go more for the natural look sheer gloss soft peachy cheek tones and gold shimmer to accent the gold flecks in my eyes

  15. diskogal says

    I usually wear a light shimmery golden eyeshadow and a natural coral/peachy blush! As for my lips, I’m not a huge fan of lipstick atm, so I usually wear a tinted lipbalm or lipgloss :)

  16. says

    Any shades of greens, usually chartruese. Va va voom lashes. Pink lips, especially bright pinks and neutral blush.

  17. says

    I have brown eyes and somehow bronze colours brings out my eye colour.

    For eyes – bronze over the eyelid, dark brown in the crease and matt peach as highlighter down the brows. Dark brown eyeliner.

    For cheeks – pinky brown colour

    For lips – i love the rimmel lipstick in 9to5

  18. says

    Right now, I like the look when people have they eyes rimmed with precise inky black eyeliner then pair it with fuchsia lips. (Maybe a bit mascara is needed)

    Beside that, teal eyes with creamy peachy gloss looks nice (in my imagination) as well…

  19. Krista says

    I like a neutral eye with light pink cheeks and a peachy lip. I think it looks so pretty. on my skin tone.

  20. Heather S says

    I like a mauve eyeliner with silver in the corner, black eyeliner and a little pink on cheeks and lips

  21. Kelly Ann T. says

    I like green and purple eyeshadow on hazel eyes. I also like a rosy blush and nude lips. I just don’t like anything on my lips.

  22. says

    Ohh my favourite combo has to be the classic smokey eyes red lips.

    I nice full coverage foundation with a light application of a peachy blush, highlight (Illamasqua, Intrigue is a current favourite, obsession even!) and then a neautral colour over my lid smoked out using a greyish brown. Dark black liquid liner and volumising mascara. Red lip stain and an uber shiny red gloss :)

    My fav!

  23. Nicole Dzuba says

    I really like blues on the eyes, and a brownish tint lipstick, with just a light shimmer on the cheeks.

  24. jennifer h says

    Emerald green sparkly eyeshadow on green eyes with nude cheeks and nude shiny lips.

  25. sue says

    At the moment I’m loving matte gray eyeshadow, a hint of baby pink on cheeks, and a soft nude peach color on lips.

  26. Mary D says

    I love these beautiful shades SO NICE!!! My combos are a pale shimmery beige on eyes and cheeks, with a light chocolate shade on the lips. And I always line the inside of my bottom eyelid with a dark eyeline pencil for drama!

  27. Belinda says

    Brown eye shadow with a tingle of purple, light rose cheeks, and dark red lips.

  28. charlotte says

    i like pink mixed with green on green eyes for a “Watermelon” color pallete type look, light pink-ish-nud-ish lips, and barely any color on the cheeks. i think that makes me a little weird too! :]

  29. Mable says

    Totally in love with teal eyeshadow at the moment. So a smoky gray eyeshadow accented with a bright teal shade, very dark gray almost black eyeliner and shimmery teal liner, peach cheeks (NARS orgasm ftw XD), bare lips (I hate anything on my lips–even lip balm). (=

  30. Yasmin says

    smokey eyeliner and dark grey eyeshadow just applied around the eye with a pastel pink to highlight the brow bone, iceecream pink lipgloss to match and just a higlighther on cheekbones :)

  31. Bonnie R says

    light contouring, smokey eyeliner, light mustard eyeshadow with off white on the brow bone