Tuesday Giveaway! 5 Sets of Otylia Roberts Simply Wax Range To Win!

Feeling tired and sluggish…how about a lovely giveaway to start Tuesday?!

Ever since my first professional wax treatment I’ve been a bit obsessed with waxing products. So today I have a cool FIVE full sets of the Simply Wax range to giveaway.

The range was developed with celebrity waxer Otylia Roberts, the official waxer for Comic Relief and Walkers.


Five people will get the following:

Simply Wax Strip Free White Wax for Sensitive Areas has a creamy white texture, delicate scent and contains a clever, gentle formula that works at low temperatures. (£14.29 RRP).

Simply Wax Pre Wax Cleansing Gel & After Wax Oil – the gel prepares skin before treatment and the after Wax Oil is formulated with natural, antiseptic Tea Tree and Lavender to gently soothe and protect the skin following treatment (£11.12 RRP).

Simply Wax Mini Hair Removal Wax Strips for Sensitive Areas have innovative dual paper – woven and crystal paper. The woven paper support removes normal size hairs (from 3mm) and the crystal support removes very short hairs (under 3mm). (£7.14 RRP).

Simply Wax Hair Removal Wax Strips – the dual paper means no hair will remain, and the aloe vera post wipes help the pores to close, minimising any redness and moisturising the skin to look its very best. (£8.16 RRP).

Wanna win?

Method 1.

Answer the following question:

If Gandalf appeared and said you must have a big tuft of white hair growing from somewhere on your body that it shouldn’t be for the rest of your life, which area would you choose?


Somewhere largely invisible like….the sole of my feet?!? It would serve as padding too.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

“RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow & RT to win one of 5 Simply Wax Sets. Info:http://tinyurl.com/6ahysmo”

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

Good Luck!

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  1. A bif tuft of white hair probably somewhere where it would be too noticeable so I think I’d go for somewhere on my boob I don’t flash them around so yeah may prevent joggers nipple too :)

  2. Probably on my ass because I sit around all day. LOL

  3. Lindsey Wileman says:

    Errrr…out of my belly button? I never have my belly out anyway (4 kids in 8 years don’t cha know?!) so no one would see.

  4. electronicfly says:

    I think I’ll choose the soles of my feet as well. Usually out of sight, and yay no more sweaty feet! (Though I’ll probably have to deal with stinky feet then) RTed too!

  5. tracey scott says:

    @traceya89 on twitter

  6. Hmm, tough one. Would have to be somewhere I can hide. Maybe just above my hip? I tend to keep it covered!

  7. hungrypumpkin says:

    but what would we do with our feet on the beach!! and it would be uneven when wearing shoes :c
    haha i’m obviously putting too much thought into this whelp but uhm
    that little spot of skin behind my ears yup i would just tuck ’em under my mane of hair! a situation where they would be good for something :D!

  8. one of the strips under my hair my hair is long maybe i can hide it but if i can style it maybe that white stripe would look good. Think of X-men rouge

  9. I think I’d go for having it out of my head, I think I could rock a big white tuft of hair. Or my feet, keep them warm <3 x

  10. MistyqCat says:

    If I had to choose, I would choose it to grow on my ‘tailbone’! 😀 Have always wanted a tail XDDD
    and it would double up as a Halloween costume for life!
    and it would triple up XD As a cushion for when I sleep…my bed is hellish, softly speaking..

  11. I’d have it on my left hand as I’m right handed and I could play with it all day, stroking it, plaiting it, braiding and the like :)

  12. tousledkitten says:

    Hmm, maybe framing my face so I can look like a frenzied superhero. Rawr.

  13. I agree with you! sole of my feet for sure!!

  14. Another vote for tailbone, imagine having that hanging out of your pants, what a talking point!

  15. Harpreet says:

    hmmm i would choose the soles of my feet too. at least i can hide it with socks!

  16. Cybelle Oliveira says:

    In my head, I think I’ll not mind since I bleach my hair till white

  17. If I had a big tuft of white hair, I’d have it on my upper back. It’s always really painful there so it’d hopefully make sitting still for long periods and sleeping more comfortable :)

  18. I’d probably have it styled as a quiff, a la Pepe le Pew lol

  19. I’d like it at the side of my head – a la Morticia

  20. I didn’t actually think that was going to be the question but on my belly?
    I don’t flash that part much and well yeah :/

  21. Right above my butt. Bunny tail? lol

  22. I think I’m going to go with under my hair – I’d have awesome two-toned hair!

  23. i guess somewhere in the middle of my hair :) you could always dye it to match ur hair colour right? :) my belly wouldn’t be a bad location either.. i’m 9 months pregnant and will definitely not be showing my tummy around with all the stretchmarks i’ve managed to earn

  24. I’d have to have it on my hairline at the back of my head. Out of sight :(

  25. Charlotte W says:

    Definitely my face, I think a beard would be fun. You’d always have something to talk about 😀 Xxx

  26. Dare I say under my boobs, well after 5 kids they could do with a bit of propping up :)

  27. I would have it growing on my feet cos then i would have built in slippers for ly lil feet in the cold weather lol

  28. Heavenlyink says:

    It would have to be my forehead…then I could have a fringe for the first time in my life! AND I wouldn’t have to pluck my eyebrows anymore-RESULT!lol

  29. Head, that can be dealt with. 😛

  30. I would have it on back of neck so the rest of my brown hair would cover it up! hehe

    Em x

  31. http://twitter.com/#!/wulanjog/status/48187985799299072
    wulanseries at gmail dot com

  32. I’d have it where a tail would go. Then I could be like a little bunny girl.

  33. holly mercer says:

    Out of my chin and then I could get a job as a bearded lady in the circus! (Always wanted to join the circus)

  34. Julie Brett says:

    Behind my ears, then can mould it into my hair

  35. on my chest!

  36. simone lee says:


  37. On my lower back, then I could pretend it was a tail!

  38. Natalie Coates says:

    Id have it on the top of my head and style it into some cool, unique hairstyle

  39. katherine grieve says:

    On my head, im sure i could rock a big white tuft of hair!!!

  40. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I’m with you there! Definitely somewhere no-one else would ever see it. I think feet would be the best place although no-one looks at my naked bum these days!

    Have tweeted @feefeegabor

  41. Emma Smith says:

    White tuft of hair on my derrier,
    nobody ever sees it,
    so I wouldn’t really care!!

  42. Laura Robinson says:

    On my ankle, it could be a party trick…or at least a great conversation starter! 😛

  43. Millie Harvey says:

    On my boyfriends chin ;o)

  44. Cathy MacLennan says:

    I would have it on the crown of my head so I could mix it in with my hair

  45. hi hun.. im back ^_^

  46. On one of my big toes, then I could wrap it around and use it as a hairy toe ring!

  47. kirsten T says:

    Boob area for sure..
    I can use some push-up from the volume and I won’t have to worry about pointy nipples when i forgot to wear my bra. x) The hair will keep it from showing and trap some heat.
    it would be cool to have a furry multi-way bikini top, you can tie it to a halter, tube, toga etc etc..

  48. carol phile says:

    belly – no one wants to look at my belly anyway :)