Tuesday Competition! Boots No. 7 for Todd Lynn look for London Fashion Week

This week, you can win four brand new products to create this wonderful look that Boots No. 7 created for the Todd Lynn show at London Fashion Week:

What will you win? See after the jump!

The products you will win are:

No7 Extravagant Lashes Mascara

No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil in Black

No7 blush cheek colour in Honey

No7 Essentials Palette in Stone

No+7+Extravagant+Lashes+Mascara.jpg (JPEG Image, 320x301 pixels)-1.jpg

I’ve been told my questions are too harddddd, so you can have it nice and easy this week….

1. Just tell me something you’d really like to see on Cosmetic Candy. It could be a type of post (ie. spa reviews) or a specific item (ie. review Chanel Quad in Garden Party) etc. etc.

2. Its doomsday tomorrow, what is your last meal?


1. I’d like to see more naked men on the blog

2. Thai steamed mussels to start, Roast Chicken with potatoes and gravy and trimmings, Thai Mango and Coconut Sticky rice for pudding. Creamy latte after the meal and a gallon of full sugar coke.

Don’t forget to also grab a fair trade goody bag, here – I only have 8 left now.

Peace & Love!

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  1. says

    Heyyy, if that’s in reference to my late night tweets I didn’t say TOO hard.. I said “thought provoking and hard” not your fault I’m stoopid now is it? And anyway, it was a complement comparing your good giveaways to stoopid “enter me pls” ones. So shut up already.

    1. Can we have some more “Screw You” posts please (not that I’m hoping you get bad service, I just like it when you’re cross).

    And considering you’re such a luxe lover (although by no means snob) I’d also like to see you spend a week sporting budget cosmetics from Superdrug… with FOTDs to prove it. And yes, that includes foundation. And you have to tell us your experiences with the products.

    2. Egg, Beans & Chips – I love yellow food me (and it shows).

  2. Amira says

    1. I’d love to see more concealer reviews. Stupid adult acne.

    2. I think it would have to be potato soup, my mom’s Palatschinkenauflauf (kind of crepe and seasoned ground beef casserole), and huge amounts of mousse au chocolat with whipped cream. And I want Pepsi Max back. *drools*

  3. zeniji says

    1. I’d really love a sales post. I know you came up with the idea a while ago… thing is, I’d like one, but I am always too late for the items! Argh!

    2. I’d like chinese wanton noodles with swedish meatballs on the side. And yogurt, and satay. >.<

  4. Deanna says

    1. Just tell me something youā€™d really like to see on Cosmetic Candy. It could be a type of post (ie. spa reviews) or a specific item (ie. review Chanel Quad in Garden Party) etc. etc.
    I’d like to see more naked men as well šŸ˜‰

    2. Its doomsday tomorrow, what is your last meal?
    Mac & Cheese!

  5. says

    haha wonder what Mr Candy would say to that…

    1. I’d like to see more Screw You posts…haven’t seen those in a while šŸ˜›

    2. I would have raw oysters, fugu (might as well risk it now), fatty tuna, roast lamb & mashed potatoes, and mango creme brulee for dessert.

  6. Kassandra says

    I want to see more pictures of the cute kiddie :) hehe

    And honestly my last meal would have to be the bf’s mums sweet and sour chicken with LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of char siu baos :O :O :O :O (< that's my eating face hehe :D) yummy! xx

  7. says

    1) I’d love to see some posts on great moisturising mists that actually work, and I think the video idea is a great one!

    2) Last meal would be a massive roast dinner with yorkshire puddings, roast veg, stuffing, pork & lamb and crackling! Followed by a massive bowl of fruit crumble :) That coconut sticky rice does sound lush though.

  8. Nina says

    I’d love to see skincare product reviews for acne-prone skin.

    My last meal would be a whole roasted chicken with gravy, a side of mash, a whole bucket of boiled lobsters with corn, various Japanese delights like okonomiyaki, takoyaki and mochi. A pint of the most expensive ice cream I could find, tons of berries, mounds of whipped cream (full fat baby!), thick Belgian chocolate sauce…. I know I have tons of food I still want to eat I just can put them to mind!

  9. says


    what i would like to see is more DIY cosmetics and makeup tutorials!!! i really like how do you did your eyemakeups..

    last meal? noodles with egg on it =)


  10. Alli says

    1. I am a mascara junkie. Self-proclaimed, no doubt. I’d luuuuuuurve for to see more mascara reviews and pictures! Sometimes a bottle is actually defective, and sometimes it’s just a buggery product. My fav? Diorshow Iconic. Gotta love that brush. Adore it to little bits and pieces that my 5 year old cat would gobble up and barf back onto my new rug. :S

    2. Grilled cheese sammich with 6 different types of cheese. Mmmmm.

  11. Jess says

    I’ d really like to see posts on eye creams that reduce dark circles and puffiness EFFECTIVELY!! I can’t stand mine and havent found my HG eye cream yet.

    Last meal before doomsday would be a huge buffet spread with every single cuisine in the world. Don’t wanna die with regrets. Haha.

  12. says

    Ooh, love mango and sticky rice! But also love tiramisu and rice pudding. Hrm… tough question, hehe. Everyone’s post makes me hungry.

    1) I always like concealer reviews, but your home made tutorials are really interesting. And your “screw it” posts are funny!

    2) Smoke and caviar appetizer from the Dining Room at the Ritz in San Francisco and a glass of wine recommended by one of their sommeliers.
    2 uni nigiri-zushi + 1 raw oyster. Seared foie gras. Peking duck for the main. A slice of the chocolate cake loaf they used to sell in my local supermarket.

  13. Emily says

    1. How about more reviews comparing high end brands to more affordable options so we can know whether its really worth it to splash out.

    2. navajo tacos, margaritas on the rocks with salt, tzatiki sauce with cucumbers and halloumi, and tiramisu for dessert!

  14. diskogal says

    Hehe…I love your questions too and I love reading other people’s answers! Always fun…

    1. Ohh, I’d love more “Screw you” posts too! I can’t get enough of your rantings. You always have the most bizzare shopping gone bad stories. And more reviews of weird, flashy, useless yet ingenious bright pink asian products you bought from ebay, please.

    2. Sushi all the way until I burst. Yeah!

  15. says

    1. I wanna see more of your kitties… perhaps you should put 1 photo of them in every posts so I can have nice look of them just like the post with a meow meow in the filling cabinet… cooooool~

    2. I wanna eat fresh salmon, chinese sesame oil steamed cod fish, scallop, japanese grilled eel, cheese baked mussel, lobster, butter cream crab…. you can tell that I like seafood… xD

  16. Teressa says


    I would like to see more mascara reviews on cosmetic-candy!! I love mascara and would love to be kept up to date on what your favourite mascara is šŸ˜€

    hmm… my last meal would be my favouite dishes cooked by my parents (which I can’t decided what…. so everything!!!) :)

  17. Jo B says

    Firming Face creams that work would be good reviews, I think you have a good mix though.

    Last meal would be chimichangas, refried beans, mexican rice. Follwed by lemon souffle and a glass of champers to toast the world and say goodbye!