Trying to blog on the phone…

Testing, testing! Just to let you gals know I have been to the post office today to be drained dry by Royal Mail – your parcels are on their way to you! Give it up to 10 days and drop me an email when they get to you ladies!

Apart from that, today, Friday is going to be one of those days – in fact its just been one of those weeks. Got a small haul from Adambeauty – he sent me the wrong palette! That happens so rarely with him he’s always efficent so it really is just one of those dodgy weeks.

Update: kudos to adambeauty he has already arranged to send out a replacement.

Do I hide under the duvet or buy a lottery ticket?

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  1. Medina says

    hardcore cleaning works for me. Something seriously OCD styley like cleaning bathroom taps or grouting between tiles with a toothbrush, repetitive, detailed work that kind of consumes you and you fall into kind of trance, it stops you thinking too much about other stuff. And then afterwards you’re so knackered you’re totally Zen-ed out. Works like a charm!

    • Row says

      Medina! Cleaning!!!! But..but…acutally your right. I have found my zoning out especially when I need to throw things away, I get a bit nuts and collect bags of rubbish, Maybe thats what I need to do!