Trying is better than not Trying: Beauty No Buy FYI

*UPDATE* = Ok ok I admit that I bought a Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer today and their Powder Puff. But its a moisturizerrrr! Skincare doesn’t count!


Today I am making a declaration – a declaration of NO BUY for the next month!

A month, you scoff? That’s nothing! But you are talking to a shopping addict here, I am the worst kind of emotional shopper…

Cats Shopping.jpg

In the last week alone I have hauled from three times from Chanel, from Bobbi Brown, Reebok Easytone trainers, random clothes and make up from ASOS, not to mention a general haul at Boots, and a very expensive but utterly amazing CP from Japan the lovely Kuri got for me and is currently winging its way to me in the UK!

And there is eBay which is the bane of my life, constantly tempting me.

So there you go – I am declaring a no make up/clothes/shoe buy for the next 4 weeks, instead I am going to try and do another blog sale to balance things out a little and focus on finishing of these YouTube videos I have filmed!

If you want to subscribe now to the You Tube Channel, its here – but I will of course announce when the new videos are up!

No hauling for a month! I might die! Halp!

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  1. A no buy? Good luck, Row!

    And please spill! What did you get from JP? =D

  2. tigerslovepepper says:

    Good luck for your purpose, Row!
    e-Bay, always tempting me too. Just bought a Mac lippie and a Benefit blush but I’m quite sure I’ve some extra money for your next sale. 😀

    P.S. Please, let us know your opinion on the new Reebok trainers. Always interested in something that promise to tone my legs and butt without killing myself in the gym.

    • Hi Tigers

      Ebay is my no.1 shopping crime I promise you. I can shop there with my eyes closed x

  3. please let us know about your trainers, i would love love love to know more xx

  4. every month i promise it to myself. it did not work yet…..!
    but good luck for you 😀

  5. Good luck! Just take it one day at a time. In fact, try doing the list approach: if you still want it at the end of the month, then you can think about buying it (it really helps). Write down the totals of the items, too, that way you get to see the amount of money you didn’t spend because of the no-buy (it’s a really disgusting awakening, let me tell you, hehe).

    • Hi Kaoru

      I might do this – seriously because the total would be DISGUSTING. This month its a high high high figure but I am going to save it and use it on a holiday instead!

  6. Patricia says:

    Good luck! I’ve tried, but e-bay and all the upcoming collections is just EVIL! Anyways, please do a review on those Reebok trainers. I guess try substituting shopping/hauling with another activity such as reading, playing the piano, or outdoors-y stuff.

  7. Heh, I’ll hold you to it on my end! Next time I should list up the total before saying okay.

    I think you should go on a 3 month hiatus for online/overseas purchases :D.
    I need to go on a no-buy till I use up some lip and eye products.

  8. Shirley says:

    Ro – You should try to cutting up the credit card first!
    That way – it will stop you shopping on the internet, ebay and instore! :)
    Good Luck!

    • Hi Shirley

      I have to say a lot of my card details are saved online so I dont even need to think! If i paid in cash I’d buy a lot less – just the sheer guilt! x

  9. Good luck with the No buy!

    I love the minimalism of No-Buys/Project 10 Pan/etc. – I’ve been doing a “Use it Up in May” this month and finishing all the little dregs of products that lie around for years unloved while I buy new stuff instead. I actually reached my target of finishing 31 items in May a couple of nights ago (hashtag #useitupinmay on Twitter) but I did cheat a bit and buy some new stuff as well as counting really random things like BPAL imps, skincare samples* and candles, so I’ll keep going until the end of the month.

    *most of which are thanks to you, for including them in my package from your blog sale!!

    • Hi Galen

      I can’t even comprehend finishing 10 products – nopt kidding. But I really need too I spend so much on this stuff but I also need to sell things too because its become clear to me that I just have too much :(

  10. @Galen – How did you use up an imp o_O?! Those things last me forever! (Well, except for Blood, hehe).

  11. @Kauro – you’re right, it’s not easy!

    It was a combination of sheer determination, a couple of years of use and finally just diluting them with a dry oil/silk base and turning them einto homemade sprays which are much easier to use up!

  12. tigerslovepepper says:

    It’s a TINTED moisturizer, it counts! 😀

  13. I’m supposed to be on a No Buy for a whole year.. that hasn’t been going very well but I am more resiliant than before! It’s really depressing when you look at how much you have & think “why am I so greedy?”. Seriously, props go to you if you are successful with your 1 month No Buy! Good luck!

    • Hi Ashley

      ALL YEAR?!?!?!?!

      Its true though. I should also go on a no buy all year but then, what would I review!??!