Truffle Shuffle Update

So I got my package from Truffle Shuffle – the shipping was fast and efficient BUT –

The pink hoodie I got had black stains down the arm. I know! Back it goes, but what a pain in the bum.  The yellow hoodie, at a whopping £40 was very thin and flimsy – back it goes.  The Wizard of Oz make up bag is HUAGEEEEEE.  It’s practically a wash bag.  Back it goes.  They better deal with this swiftly or else I’ll….er, complain about it on this blog. :)

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  1. Chica says

    Noooooo :( My faith is dashed. My order (this is not me trying to rub it in!) was fast, better quality than I expected and loofly.
    Sorry your order was so pants!

  2. Row says

    Chica! Its ok. they got in touch with me today regarding a refund and I’m sending ti back tomorrow to swap for another hoodie and some bits. If they deal with this well, I will forgive them!