Trish McEvoy Lash Enhancer Nighttime Conditioning Treatment – The Start!

I was send this shiny tube a good month or so ago and have only recently cracked it open!

Trish McEvoy’s Lash Enhancer is a Night Time Conditioning Treatment. I have been through my fair share of lash enhancing treatments and generally speaking, I have had decent results (although I avoid anything which is too oily, irritates the eyes or contains the ingredient that can darken the eye).


They say:

The key ingredient in Lash Enhancer is SymPeptide™, a powerful protein complex that strengthens and thickens the eyelashes, enhancing lashes’ natural beauty and the overall appearance of the eyes. SymPeptide™ supports the newest lash treatment technology for naturally beautiful, truly plentiful eyelashes.

This product is to be used just once a day at night time along the lashline. Easy peasy to use, I prefer this to applying a product to all over the lash as it tends to get into the eye.


Ready for more promises?

Thicker and Healthier Lashes After 2 Weeks:

Efficacy studies have shown that with daily use Lash Enhancer results in a dramatic improvement in the appearance of eyelashes.

• After 14 days . . . . . . . 46.26%
• After 28 days . . . . . . . 66.39%
• After 42 days . . . . . . . 72.29%

Sounds pretty amazing to me!

Here is the tube:


It comes in a standard mascara size…The thin brush is ideal for applying the the lashline.


Anyway – I haven’t been using this for long enough to report back – I have to be disciplined with it for one thing and will come back to you in 2 weeks, then 4 weeks, etc.

Here are my lashes in their natural state:


Let me tell you know – having lash extensions applied badly, WILL damage your lashes. They will fall out quicker, they will snap off. I won’t say which set caused me the most damage but my lashes are not normally this stumpy:


Eyes Closed:


My lashes aren’t too short but they do naturally point down which is such a pain in the bum!

From the side:


There is it ladies!

I must also mention that this is not a cheap product – £89 and lasts for 4 months. I am aware that Talika and Mavala lash treatments are cheaper. It depends on how effective it is and how much your lashes matter to you…

In my case, my lashes are the bane of my life – and as I have found, lash perms can hurt, and lash extensions are bloody amazing but expensive and can cause damage. So I would pay for this item IF it works. So lets see….

Have you tried any lash treatments that worked?

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  1. carla says

    I’ve been using Careprost daily for 2 months now, I’ve had a little bit of itchiness but no darkening. I’ve had really massive growth! I’d say a good centimetre already. I think I’ll have to trim them because there is the odd one that’s longer than the rest.

    Good luck! I hope you get great results <3

    • Row says

      Hi Carla

      Never heard of Careprost! Trimming lashes? Oh my god hook me up with Careprost!

  2. mia says

    I tried out a product called Lipocils, which worked a treat! I’m quite happy with the results :-) My lashes were short and pointed downwards and thin and couldn’t hold mascara – they’d point downwards even if I’d applied one coat and curled them to oblivion! I used it for about a month, and felt really chuffed when a friend asked whether I was wearing false lashes! 😀

    • Row says

      Hi Mia

      I have Lipocils I think thats great although it stings my eyes a little 😀 also not too expensive

  3. says

    I have never heard of this one, pretty amazing claims they make. Will be interested to see how it turns out for you!! I’ve used Talika and Ardell and despite the price, I think they work but I’m still curious about all the other products out there. 😉

    • Row says

      Hi Essjay

      I will try this out and let you know – its dearer than the likes of Talika so the effect has to be fab!

  4. Saltedswirl says

    I use Lipocils about two or three weeks for my lashes and brows. And must admitt that I have nice result on my brows (they were unluckily trimmed last time).
    But I noticed that if I apply the treatment on my lashes right before going to sleep, in the morning my eys are puffed a bit. So I decided to use it in the evening when I spend some time chilling with the book or cup of tea.

    • Row says

      Hi Salted Swirl

      I agree with you – I notice that too if it gets in my eyes then they puff up so I have to apply just a teeennnyyy bit! x