Transformulas Colonic Purifying Capsules & Collagen Boost Supplements Review

Although I am always up for trying a new supplement, I really take any religiously because I a. Forget and b. Have quite a sensitive reaction to supplements (ie. tummy ache and itchy skin).

A few months ago I tried two supplements from Transformulas’ Ageless Body Range, the Waistline2 and Colonic Purifying:



This newly formulated food supplement supports your natural metabolism, increases energy and helps maintain a healthy body weight – perfect for when things go a bit pear shaped.

And –

The Colonic Purifying:

You like the sound of a flatter stomach, glowing skin and a humming digestive system. It’s just the idea of colonic irrigation that turns you off. This unique formulation uses only the finest ingredients to exercise and cleanse the colon, relieving digestive discomfort, bloating and regulating bowel movements to maintain a healthy weight.

The idea is to do the Detox (Colonic first) then the Waistline2 for clean insides.

Now the thing is I have bee dying to try a colonic irrigation for a while but I’m quite nervous about it and it’s embarrassing and possibly painful. So I am all for doing it the traditional way.


The Colonic Purifying tables are hardcore – they tablets themselves are a ok size and don’t stink (I’ll show you some huge smelly supplements soon!) and it does work, errrr, quickly. I mean in about 4 hours you will be running for the loo.

I must admit I was worried about it being a bit strong for my tummy and it was, on a empty stomach.

It worked better with a warm morning drink and a piece of bread.

Within a few days I felt quite – erm – empty to be honest and didn’t want to keep talking this for the whole course – it just felt like too much.

The Waistline2 Tablets are also easy to swallow and boost metabolism and is supposed to aid weightloss.

Obviously all these tablets are fine and well but mean nothing if you are gorging yourself on McDonalds 10 times a week.

Waistline2 once again was a little strong for my tummy – I get that acidy burn after taking them so I had to be careful to have them with some food. I also found this gives a boost of energy – it contains caffeine but if you take this AND some coffee you are going to be bouncing off the walls.

The main benefit I found with this was that is suppressed appetite – although I like to eat at lunch time out of habit sometimes, more than hunger.

Overall, these supplements are quite effective but also quite potent and strong – so be careful if you have delicate stomach.

See the Transformulas supplement range here.

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  1. Jen says

    hehe no good for me then, just the thought of it sets my tummy off! That’s why I almost always end up not taking supplements every day. And I’m just rubbish at remembering to take them. Lucky I don’t have to take regular medication! *touch wood*