Tragic News of the Day: I’m allergic to…….Chanel Eyeshadows!

I love Chanel make up in general – who doesn’t?

But I had some make up done recently with a Chanel Quad, and boy did my eyes water and water.


Then I remembered that I went through another phase when my eye used to just water every morning, and it was every time I used my Chanel Nymphea Quad! So I tested my theory and yeah – I look like a cry baby.


I have about 12 palettes or so all so shiny… Blog sale time?

I might actually fair better with this?

Are you allergic to any make up brands or products?

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  1. says

    Awww no what a bummer!!! :( But listen Row… Ive got an idea! *que the lightbulb* this doesn’t happen very often so pay attention! haha. 12 quads you say 😮 if theres a neutral quad in there, you know with browns etc in it, basically boring shades…. SELL IT ME! It could be my first bit of Chanel… I’ll feel all posh!

    Ok.. so it wasn’t really an idea. More like Jo trying to get in there first incase you sell lmao.


  2. jaffra says

    Aww that sucks! I’d think twice about blog sale-ing them though, one of my all-time favourite gifts from my mum is one of her (now vintage) Chanel quads. The name’s worn off but it’s a really pretty blue/orange/peach one.

    • Row says

      Hmmm I was thinking that I would keep a few LE ones (that’s if I decide to sell them) because they are quite universally glam and a nice collectors item!

  3. says

    wow, what a tragedy! 12 palettes! Um, do they all make your eyes water? Just hoping that some of them are a different formula, but it would probably be a pain for you to test 😛

  4. tigerslovepepper says

    I’m allergic to Pond’s moisturizer (someone bought me one ages ago), it gave me a rash and my eyes became blue and puffy like someone have punched me. Castor oil give me huge eye problems too.

  5. Naz says

    I’m allergic to Chanel Teint Innocence foundation, the liquid version. It breaks me out in spots/a rash, which is really annoying cos I love the look of the foundation on!

    As for the Chanel Quads, aren’t the American Quads different formulas to the ones we get here in Europe? You might have better luck with a palette from the US. Just an idea. =)

    • Row says

      Hi Naz

      Hmm I am sure some ingredients they allow here are banned in the US. I will give it a go!

      One of the Chanels break me into a rsah – I think it might be Teint Innocence too! If I am allergic to something I get hives right away

  6. Wendy says

    UGH!!! I’m allergic to most MAC stuff and I feel your pain girl, maybe yo would do better with there cream of liquid eyeshadows.

    • Row says

      Hi Wendy

      I think you may be right.

      I love cream products anyway but its nice to have powder too! Sob!