Touch my pole! Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara Lengthening Review!

Holika Holika is fast becoming a brand I pay attention to because the products are pretty good, interesting and…well, fun.  There aren’t that many fun brands around.  Holika Holika Magic Pole mascara is honestly called ‘Magic Pole’ – try not to laugh, and has a very interesting applicator, Half Givenchy, Half Jill Stuart.

Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara

The packaging is pretty – I love the deep purple which is a theme with the Holika packaging, although, they are also quite random.  The skincare, for example, doesn’t follow a strong theme.


So we have the now more common bomb shaped applicator – some people like, some people don’t – I personally think it’s a cool applicator as long as the mascara formulation is good too!  I like the fact this applicator doesn’t limit you to just one type of brush, you also have a standard (ish) applicator too.

Holika Magic Pole Mascara Lengthening

There’s two formula’s, lengthening or volumising. I chose lengthening because I need length the most.  There is only one colour, black and it’s a very a nice, deep pigmented shade.

Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara 1

The problem with this kind of applicator is that it is messy for girls like me with short lashes that are close to my eyelid.  It’s hard to not get it on your lids.  But remember there’s a lovely normal brush on it! So I use this in the morning when I am in a rush and just top up the ends with the round bit.

Overall, I am happy with this.  It  holds curl well and left my lashes looking longer and separated.  Very fine clumping was visible.  Too many coats and I see this clumping horribly but with 2 light coats, it was fine.  It is also a waterproof formula, and was easy to remove.

Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara Lengthening

I did have a problem with the fibres in this, I found that through the day I had problems with pieces falling off on to my cheek.  I do also have watery eyes though.

Overall, I am really happy with this mascara, I can’t call it HG because of the fibre thing, and it’s missing a certain zing – I think my lashes look great with this mascara but not lush. I need lush lashes for them to count as HG material. Still I’d recommend Magic Pole, it’s better than Givenchy’s offering anyway.

*I bought this from eBay.


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  1. wata says

    Would u mind sharing the name of the seller? I have been looking for a good seller that sells holika holika stuff for a while and failing. Thanks in advance :)

  2. says

    LOL Magic Pole?? Who comes up with these product names?!
    The wand does look a bit messy, I don’t think my lashes would like it very much.

  3. Jen says

    Magic Pole lol…sounds ike the name of some sort of portable telescopic poledancing apparatus!
    I actually quite like the Givenchy-style applicator, this one looks even better as there is the choice of normal applicator too