Totally Indulgent: Whats on your Christmas List?

This is one of those totally rambling, self indulgent posts about what I’d like for Christmas…not that I’m hinting.

As a gift giver – I am pretty damn good. Even with limited funds I tend to hone down on people, what I think they will like, what suits them, what would make them happy. I love giving presents (as long as I can pick them – quit telling me what you want, the exact shade and what time the store is open!).

As a gift receiver, I am rubbish. I am a control freak and I can generally guess exactly what people have bought for me and if I’m not sure, I always go on a mission to find out thus ruining my own surprise!

Here are 10 Random things that have caught my beady eye:

1. A pink diamante Nespresso


I’d diamante my cats if I could – life is that much brighter when there’s some sparkle to it. I already have 3 coffee machines but I tried out the Nespresso in Selfridges where they have a coffee bar (and you can get loaded up for free) and I really liked it.

Price range: £120-£150

Chances of receiving: Medium likely, but not with diamante.

2. Nikon D300s Camera


I have an addiction to buying cameras, especially compact ones – four at the last count – but now my next one will be this lovely digital SLR. I use Nikon anyway so the rest of my kit will be compatible. It also has HD video recording!

Price Range: £1,200

Chances of receiving: Nada. Will have to save up for this one.

3. Apple iPhone


Well, lots of people have an i-Phone I just don’t. I ended up with a HTC hero which is an android phone and its utterly utterly useless. Nevertheless I am committed to it so it will be a while before I can invest in this baby.

Price Range: Depends on contract/£440 for the 3Gs on pay as you go.

Chances of receiving: Nada. Once again too expensive to ask as a gift.

4. Alexander Wang Diego Handbag


I’m not allowed anymore handbags, but one can dream. I love the duffel shaped handbags (although they are horrendous to use in a rush). I love this slouchy, casual bag. I have the Coco Duffel which was laughed at by the other half, who thought the studs were “comical”….what do men know?!

Price Range: Not sure, about $400?

Chances of receiving: Nada. Everyone refuses to buy me any more bags and the Mr thinks its “comical”.

5. SAD Alarm

philips sad clock.jpg (JPEG Image, 280x280 pixels).jpg

I can’t wake up in the morning (but then again I do sleep very late). I figured one of these alarms, which wake you up gradually will help me regulate my sleeping pattern and make me 0.1% less grumpy in the morning.

Price Range: £60 – £150

Chances of receiving: I would have said quite likely then I remembered, in Chinese culture, its bad luck to buy someone else a clock (saying the words ‘to give (as a gift)’ and ‘clock’ together (??) is also the phrase for attending someones funeral.

So my family have already refused to buy me a clock so I guess I’ll have to get this myself. According to Wiki (although I have never heard this), “should such a gift be given, the “unluckiness” of the gift can be countered by exacting a small monetary payment so the recipient is buying the clock and thereby counteracting the ‘?’ (“give”) expression of the phrase.”

Feel free to buy me a clock then give me £1000 to replenish my karma!

6. Laura Mercier Mini Brush Set

laura mercier.jpg

Love mini brushes and this one really looks like everything I would need in one little set.

Price Range: £65, I think.

Chances of receiving: Very likely, should I ask nicely for it although I don’t know its a little boring as a present.

7. The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks game for the Nintendo DS

The Legend of Zelda_ Spirit Tracks (Nintendo DS).jpg

Zelda is a joy in my life, and Spirit Tracks is going to be the best game EVA.

Price Range: £20-£30

Chances of receiving: I think I may cave and buy this before Christmas anyway. Christmas week, curled up warm with a cup of mocha and playing this game – bliss!

9. Six Month Subscription to MAQUIA Magazine


Maquia is my favourite make up magazine even though I can’t understand the text! Its quite expensive to buy in the UK with the import tax (about £10) hence I’d quite like a subscription for a few months to keep me going.

Price Range: £35-£40, I think

Chances of receiving: Medium – you never know but this gift requires a little intative to organise the subscription!

10. Elegance Paris Eyeshadow Palette


The moment I saw this eyeshadow I nearly died – its pure heaven, the WAG-tastic packaging, the groovy eyeshadows. Elegance is a Japanese brand (even though its sold as Elegance Paris) – there’s a problem. This palette and the rest of the range is being touted at $90!

Price Range: $90

Chances of receiving: Possible but quite frankly, I couldn’t bring myself or anyone else to pay $90 (£55) on an eyeshadow.

So tell me – what’s on your Christmas List?

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  1. lizzclare says

    Gucci silver bangle
    diamond stud earrings
    strappy high heels probably from office
    a few of the pigment mac holiday boxes
    tiffany necklace

    I have expensive tastes lol havent introduced my guy to my list yet 😀
    Saving that for when ive done a great ‘job’ lol

  2. tigerslovepepper says

    1) Brand new exiting job
    2) another trip to Paris
    3) francesine Dsquared2 (I think in English they are called lace-up brogues)
    4) Louboutin outrageous high heels
    5) Repetto Jazz shoes
    6) easy Noa Noa bag
    7) Play Station 3
    8) Resident Evil 5 for PS3
    9) 50’s inspired coat
    10) A generous gift card to buy a ludicrous amount of make-up products.

    The first thing on my list is what I desire the most so I can buy by myself the other things. :)

  3. says

    Just YSL Rouge Volupte lippies. Like, the whole range though… that’s like over $200 in total so, yeah, pretty indulgent to me!

  4. Chica says

    1. Party shoes
    Chance of receiving: Nil, everyone tells me i have too many heels :(
    2. Poirot game on Nintendo DS
    Chance of receiving: So good I’ll probably get it off more than one person, I’m an Agatha Christie nut.
    3. Sheet music for Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride
    Chance of receiving : Good :) Woohoo

  5. says

    sony cybershot t900
    urban decay primer potion
    urban decay 24/7 super stash
    charm pro travel brushes
    coastal scents shimmer palette
    and philosophy’s eye believe

    i already got the 1st one from hubby btw! :)

  6. Megan says

    Oh my god, Zelda.
    When I got the Zelda game for my wii, I seriously almost cried tears of joy. ( I bet you think that I’m kidding.. )
    Seriously, it’s amazing.