Topshop Haul: The Nail Polishes Bees Knees, Peaches & Cream, Dust Storm Swatches

For some reason I went a bit nuts in Topshop recently buying a selection of make up! (more reviews coming soon!).

One thing that they do which I really like is the Topshop Nail Polishes!

I like the packaging and I think the colours are pretty cool for £5:


I bought Dust Storm, a sheer grey with a pearl shot through it, Bees Knees, a cute yellow and Peaches & Cream, a peachy orange pastel.

What did I think of these?#alttext#

Bees Knees is a super cute yellow. I don’t like pastels, generally speaking but I do like this. I think yellow nail polish is hard – too yellow it just looks a bit smokerish. But if it’s too sheer or pastel, what’s the point? I think as far as yellow’s go this is a fab one.

Dust Storm:


2 coats of this sheer shade leaves a dusky grey mauve type shade. This is not my kind of shade really but I did think this look really pretty and it’s quite nice on, quite a nice work colour if a little natural.

I guess it’s more natural that the sort of mushroom type shades that are around.

Peaches & Cream:


This is more orange on that it looks in the container, but I still love it although on my olive skin, it looks a bit pastelly. I do like it through although this one had a strange texture. The first coat was fine, the second was super thick and gloopy – yak.

Oh also, I noticed these Topshop polishes are quite fragile – Mr C knocked one off the bed and the entire top section snapped! So I had to throw it away, there was no way to glue it back on and one the air got to it, it was a goner.

Overall I think this is one thing I will go back to Topshop for.

Have you tried Topshop nail polishes?

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  1. Jen says

    I loooove Topshop polishes…I’d love to own all the colours, and line them all up like in the Topshop displays :) I also really love the smell of their nail polish remover pads (hope that doesn’t sound too weird!) It reminds me of sweets!