Top Shop Nail Polish in Geography Teacher and Hidden Treasure Swatches

I have a huge soft spot for Top Shop nail polishes – for the price, I think the range is good and it applies nicely too. I picked up two colours recently in lieu of one Chanel polish!

Top Shop Nail Polish in Georgraphy Teacher and Hidden Treasure Swatches

I think I was trying to replicate Chanel’s Particuliere and Peridot. I kinda failed, but still, it was fun trying!

Geography Teacher is a Camel – it’s quite unusual, other muted polishes I have are usually in the grey or taupe family rather than the warm cream group. This is actually a bit unflattering – I think it’s the yellow-ness of it but nevertheless, it’s interesting.  And yes, my geography teacher had elbow pads this colour:

Top Shop Nail Polish in Georgraphy Teacher and Hidden Treasure Swatches 1

Hidden Treasure is a metallic greeny yellow.  It’s another rather unflattering colour – I don’t know why, when I see it on my nails I think it’s actually a bit ugly.  But in swatches, I think it looks fab, like the scales of a dragon.

Top Shop Nail Polish in Georgraphy Teacher and Hidden Treasure Swatches 2

There were loads of nice colours on the Top Shop counter, I am glad I had an idea what I wanted, otherwise I would’ve been tempted by many. many colours.

What do you think of these polishes?

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  1. I love both colors but the metallic greeny yellow is very special, hope I can find this polish, I realize from the picture that it doesn`t form bubbles and this is great, thanks for this idea and for sharing it

  2. Both colors are prettyyy but like you, I don’t think Hidden Treasure will look nice on me. However I will still give both colors a try just for the fun of it. Weeee..

  3. I really like Topshop nail varnishes. I use them on set a lot. They glide on so easily and dry pretty quickly. Exactly what I’m after in a varnish!

  4. The green color is perfect I love the 2 tone affect, the camel color is nice too but I much prefer the green

  5. I’ve been wanting to try Hidden Treasure for a while, so now maybe I’ll finally get round to it! I have a Topshop nail polish in nice n’ nude and it is absolutely fabulous! xx, cialis low price, effects of doxycycline,, generic viagra levitra