Tony Moly Nail Polish Lacquer Glitter in Wonder Woman Red & Blue

The first time I paid attention to Tony Moly’s nail polishes was with their rather spectacular Galaxy polishes – since then I’ve kept an eye on their other releases. 

When I spotted this rather small Wonder Woman collection, containing a striking Wonder Blue GS11 and Wonder Red GS12 I had to buy them!

Tony Moly Glitter Nail Polish Wonder Woman GS12 GS13 3

Both of these polishes are super glittery with small silver particles and larger rounds chunks of blue and red glitter.  I think these colours work for all kinds of things, not just a Wonder Woman homage! Superman homage?! Union Jack homage?!

The thing about these polishes is they’re supposed to provide colour and glitter. Do they do that? Well…

The red polish is more transparent than I’d like, BUT I think a base colour or perhaps an extra coat would oomph up the red pigment.  Otherwise, it has this kind of glossy jelly look to it:

Tony Moly Glitter Nail Polish Wonder Woman GS12 GS13 1

The blue polish is richer in pigment but still there is a transparent edge to it. I guess if the colour was any deeper it might be hard to see the glitter? I found that with a white base, these colours looked stronger. 

These polishes are easy to apply although they have a slight gloopy edge to them. It’s possible to over apply but with it being transparent,it’s quite easy to rectify.

Tony Moly Glitter Nail Polish Wonder Woman GS12 GS13 2

To remove these aren’t too bad – the Galaxy polishes on the other hand gives nightmares. 

I like both of these polishes, they’re just a bit of fun really and cost me around £3.50 each including shipping on eBay. 

Do you like these glitter polishes?

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