Tony Moly Ice Queen Multi Play Cream SPF30 Review

I’ve bought a few things from Tony Moly, all in interesting packaging, like the coffee cup and the egg – now I have an ice cream!

The Ice Queen range has a few different things, some face masks but I chose this Sun Cream (SPF 30).


They Say:

It protects skin from UVA and UVB and prevents aging.It cuts off harmful effects of cosmetics and air pollution on skin to prevents skin irritation, blackheads and acnes.

Whey protein contains the best proportion of amino acids. It enhances skin’s elasticity and delicacy. When used alone, it leaves skin smoother. When used before make-up, it creates more long-lasting, snugly fit make-up.

It looks and smells like ice cream…a Mr Whippy…


Despite coming in this huge impractical tub, which is impossible to take out anywhere unless you cart a granny trolley around with you on a day to day basis, there’s only 50ml of product.

The texture of this Ice Queen spf is thick cream, but it has a slightly moussey quality to it, so it’s not greasy on the skin and it’s sinks in fairly easily.


It smells like vanilla ice cream and a sweet that I can’t put my finger on. Think a sweet, creamy, summer scent. It’s very nice although if you hate scents in cream, you will not like this as it’s very strong.

I am not the biggest fan of scents in cream but I can cope with this – I guess it’s the quirk!


You need just a tiny bit of this, otherwise it can be a bit rich. I am not sure I would use this with a primer and foundation and moisturiser – it’s all a bit heavy when used together so I used this in lieu of primer.


It doesn’t really leave a whitish cast, it’s not to greasy; overall a decent sun cream that is a nice texture and smells like ice cream – but just not in the most practical format!

Would you buy this Ice Cream Sun Cream?

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  1. JenT says

    I probably would buy this, and more, from the Tony Moly range…I’m a sucker for cute an unusual packaging! Does it smell like those White Rabbit chewy sweets? That’s how I imagine it smelling lol 😀

  2. KittyBonkers says

    Ack! You are making me want all the Tony Moly products!! Especially since you say you think they work for you!! I might try one of their products next month when I get paid!!

    Kitty x