Tony Moly Happy Holiday Collection 2013

How did I miss this super cute Christmas collection from Tony Moly?  It’s the Happy Holiday collection and there are some limited edition colours in special cute packaging.  Christmas specific collections from Korea are uncommon, so this is a really sweet collection. Shame I found out about it so late – anything ordered now won’t arrive in time from Korea for Christmas (unless you use the pricy EMS option?).  Nevertheless, feast your eyes on:

Two limited edition nail sets, with 2 polishes included. 

Christmas Tree (I want this): 

Tony Moly Happy Holiday Nails Christmas Tree

Golden Santa:

Tony Moly Happy Holiday Nail Golden Santa

Two new LE Kiss Lover Lip Masters (bit like YSL’s glossy lip stains) in Queen Burgundy (left) and Party Pink (right):

Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master No 9 Queen Burgundy Holiday Limited Edition | eBay

(Note: All of the items from this collection come in cute boxed packaging). 

I quite fancy the burgundy because all the YSL lip stains I have are quite light. This is also a fraction of the price!

Two new LE Gel Eyeliners in Violet Lady and Urban Navy – thought these looked cute but realistically don’t know how annoying it will be to have to swirl the colours together before use:

TONYMOLY Back Gel Swirl Eyeliner No 5 Violet Lady Holiday Limited Edition | eBay 1

Two LE Kiss Lover Style lipsticks in Sensation Red and Glamour Burgundy:

LE Kiss Lover Style lipsticks in Sensation Red and Glamour Burgundy

Also released (but not as interesting to look at):

A lip balm duo set

A hand cream set (Peach and Apple 30g tubes)

Tomatox Massage Pack 

Luminous Live Aura CC Cream 

Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream

Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream

Floria Nutra Energy 100 Hours Cream

Tony Moly fans will know what the last 5 products are part of the permanent collection but come in the special packaging.  They haven’t done much to the physical packaging of the products which is a shame but at least if you wanted to gift these products, they won’t need wrapping!

If I do invest in anything it’ll be the Christmas Tree nail set and a Lip Master – my heart says burgundy but my head says, YOU KNOW YOU CAN’T WEAR WINE SHADES WITHOUT LOOKING LIKE SOMEONE WHO NEVER LET GO OF HER GRUNGE PHASE, which means the Hot Pink woild be a better choice for me. 

Prices are reasonable but if shipping to the UK you are looking at anything from £3.70 for the polish set (delivered) to £12 for a CC cream.  These are sold on eBay currently. 

Will you buy anything? Even if you don’t get it in time for Christmas?!


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