Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish in GT05 Nail Swatch (No. 5) Purple Glitter Nail Varnish

Finally the 5th and final shade in the Tony Moly Galaxy collection is GT05 a purple toned polish.  It has purple and blue glitters and is quite chunky.

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polishes GT05 2

I know a lot of people who love purple polishes although it’s not really my thing – they seem to look better on other people!

This polish is really chunky – the blue pieces really stand out against the purple.  It’s one of those shades that people will love I’m sure, although it’s the one that reminds me of a disco the most!  I remember being 16 and sticking glitters on to my clear nail polish.

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polishes GT05 3

2 Coats:

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polishes GT05

Overall I think the Tony Moly Galaxy polishes are just gorgeous and the funkiest glitter nail polishes you can buy!

They are a pain to take off but on the plus side, they need just 2 layers for a punchy finish.

I think after using all the polishes my favourite colours in order are; Green, Copper, Purple followed by GT02 which is the deep navy with fine glitter and GT01 which is the blackened base with multi sparkles.

What do you think of this polish?

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