Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish in GT03 Nail Swatch (No. 3) A Copper Bronze Varnish!

Today’s polish is Tony Moly Galaxy Polish in GT03, one of my favourites which is a rich copper and bronze.  The base is sort of a golden brown but you can’t see it for all the glitter!

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polishes GT03 1

It looks a bit simple in there but on the nail there is more too it; copper, gold, red, even a hint of blue.

The polish:

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polishes GT03 2

With 2 coats this is like glitter city – like you poured a whole tube of glitter over the nail. It’s pretty chunky and dries matter than I thought it would:

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polishes GT03

Still, beat that for a glitter finish! It’s amazing! Horrid to take off, just horrid. But so cool!

What do you think of this shade?

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  1. omg, this is the best so far.
    i need that sally hansen box thing when you plunge your nails into to remove the polish x

  2. The colour is perfect for Fall! Love it <3


  3. Ooh, this looks lovely! I love glitter so I may have to try and get my hands on this! x

  4. Ooh, I love it! It reminds me of crackling fires and fallen leaves.

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