Tony Moly Cats Wink Mascara Review (Curl & Longlash, Volume & Longlash)

Tony Moly is another Korean beauty brand, not one of my favourites I have to say, but they do good nail polishes and a large selection of BB creams (none dark enough for me). 

I was completely suckered in by the CUTENESS of these mascara’s – Cats Wink in two formulas, Curl & Longlash, Volume & Longlash. 

Tony Moly Cats Wink Mascara Review

In my experience, Japanese mascaras are better than Korean ones for curl hold and durability. I have yet to test a Korean mascara which does what it says it will to be completely honest. 

Even so, these mascara’s cost just a little over £6 including shipping so I though I’d give them both a go!

These mascara’s are supposed to wash off easily with water and nourish the lashes. 

I am always full of hope when I get a new mascara like this.  And once I see my lashes flopping, my oh my is it a disappointment. Tony Moly Cats Wink Mascara Review 1

The two different formulas come with different brushes – curl has a slightly curled thin brush (love the thinness of the brush, very important for Asian lashes) and straight for ‘lengthening’ one.  My idea was to use the curl then the length on top AS LONG AS the curling one does as it’s supposed to do (hold curl!). 


Tony Moly Cats Wink Mascara Review 2

Pros of this mascara right away are:

– The brushes are great for short lashes

– The formula is very black, not too wet, not too dry

– It comes off easily but it did also smudge somewhat under my eyes

However, I am not happy with the result. The longlash mascara looks spidery and the curling mascara clumps together – and whilst this is the richer formula and leaves the lashes looking thicker, it doesn’t hold curl.  Boo hiss!

The longlash mascara:

Tony Moly Cats Wink Mascara Review 3

It leaves the lashes with thin longer lashes, does not hold curl at all, looks a bit insipid to be honest.

Tony Moly Cats Wink Mascara Review longlash

The curling mascara was a bigger fail as it DID NOT HOLD CURL, not at all.  It also became clumpy with the application of 2 coats!

Tony Moly Cats Wink Mascara Review 4

I have some kind of bizarre lash kink going on, do excuse:

Tony Moly Cats Wink Mascara Review 5



I am way too fussy and have tried way to many superior mascara’s to recommend these two.

I would say these are CUTE BUT LAME – not worth trying if you have straight Asian lashes like me. Those with natural curl and length may like the lengthening formula for a very clean lash finish. 


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