Toni & Guy Touch Control Hair Straighteners Review

Every since my GHD’s stopped working effectively and I broke my Cloud Nines (don’t ask) I have been on the hunt for some good straighteners.

Gone are the days where everything but GHDs are crap! I used to hoard up tons of cheap nasty straighteners when really all I needed was GHDs! These days you can pick up a great pair of straighteners for less than £100 if you are on a budget.

I have tried various bits from Toni & Guy electricals, usually things like the curling tongs and hairdryers.  These Touch Control Straighteners are mid range at around £60 at the time of writing – not super cheap but not as expensive as GHDs.

Toni Guy Touch Control Hair Straighteners Review

These straighteners have ceramic plates, LCD display, ION Technology, 80-230 degrees heat up time, and heats up in 30 seconds. 

They look like pretty bog standard hair straighteners.  when you look at them.  They’re lighter than GHDs, which makes them feel cheaper but it really as a good thing – heavy ones hurt after a while!

Toni Guy Touch Control Hair Straighteners Review 1

These are a nice shape and are easy to hold. A few points –

It says on the box it takes 30 seconds to heat up but i’d say it’s more 1-2 minutes. Whose seriously counting right? But it’s worth pointing out though in case you are in some kind of grave rush!

As it heats up the red bar fills up until it forms a circle.  I automatically use it at the hottest setting (at 230 degrees). I have been using these straighteners for over 2 months and the letters start to rub off:

Toni Guy Touch Control Hair Straighteners Review 3

It’s a daft place to put the buttons actually because that is naturally where my thumb seems to fall when I’m holding it so I kept knocking the button. Also – when the straighteners aren’t locked down and you press the buttons, it makes the whole thing click together – clickity-click.

Basically – temperature control should be somewhere else!

When I first started using these straighteners I didn’t like them – I felt like it took forever and ever to straighten my hair. It does glide through nicely though…

Toni Guy Touch Control Hair Straighteners Review 2

HOWEVER – I know I have listed lots of niggly points about this product but 2 months in – I do like these a lot. I wonder if there is a coating on these straighteners that come off the more you use them because these days, I can get my hair done in about 10-15 minutes, and my hair is super thick and wavy at the moment.

So despite the problem (mainly where the temperature switch is) these have become my staple straighteners, replacing my GHDs.  They’re just easy to use and do the job.

Next I have my sights on some wide plated straighteners to reduce the time I spend doing my hair even more!

Buy the Hair Straightener here for £61.

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    • Row says

      Hi Nazia

      I knocked them off the bed and had to catch one thing (it was the straighteners or the mirror and in hindsight it should’ve been the mirror which is only worth £10!)