To you!: 30 Fairtrade Beauty Goody Bags to Give Away!

On the 24th June 2009, beauty products started to carry the Fairtrade Logo for the first time.

fair trade logo.jpg (JPEG Image, 682x404 pixels).jpg

This opens up a new market for the recession hit producers in developing countries. On the market at the moment, there are various goodies like lip balms, soap, body butters, face masks etc. available from retailers like Boots, Essential Care, Visionary Soap, Lush, Neal’s Yard and Bubbles & Bath.

Fairtrade cosmetics goody bag.jpg

Each product needs to have at least one certified ingredient, for example Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Sugar, Brazil Nut Oil from a disadvantaged producer from countries such as Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Farmers and producers in developing companies get a better deal with fairtrade – I personally do my best to look out for this logo when buying anything – food, household goods and now I can do it for beauty.

I have 30 of these goody bags to give away to readers.

Read on after the jump to see whats included and how to get one!

For the cost of Post & Packing you can have one of these lovely goody bags. (Originally I was going to say send a SAE but for the sake of organisation this method will be easier…)

Post & Packing Cost in the UK is – £2.50.This includes postage, materials and the Paypal fee.

I want to make this open to International girls too so shipping for you is £3.50.

Here is what’s included. All the products are organic and fair traded.

1. Soap with Lavender from Bubble & Balm in a tin:

bubble and balm soap with lavender-1.jpg

2. Lemon Lip Balm OR Peppermint from the Visionary Soap Company

lemon lip balm.jpg

3. 100g Cinnamon, Orange and Clove Soap OR Rooibos & Shea Soap. Smells gorgeous by the way and if you have never tried real soap (cold processed) before then you need to:

organic cinnamon orange clove soap.jpg

4. You will also get a sachet sample – clay mask or a cream mask:

organic mud mask.jpg

The alternative products:

organic rooibos and shea butter soap.jpg

It all comes in a a small cotton drawstring bag, by Bag of Ethics:

bags of ethics.jpg

I have 30 to give away so if you want one, leave me a comment, making sure you fill in your correct email address and say if you are in the UK or INTERNATIONAL in the form OR you can email me – rowena AT

(Do not leave your email in the actual comment unless you want to be found by the spambots!)

I will then send you a Paypal invoice for the shipping cost if you are one of the ones that are picked out of the hat.

When you pay please make sure your delivery address on your Paypal Account (or add me a note in the comments).

I will then send them all out and you have some lovely, organic goodies to try out. Please pay within 24 hours of the invoice or I will have to give it to the next person/my cat.

I will announce on the blog when I have shipped them all out (hopefully all in one go!).

Remember to let me know what you think of your organic & fair trade goodies!

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  1. I’m in!

  2. Hi,

    I would like to enter your Fairtrade comp.

    I found your website whilst looking for reviews on Papaw ointment, I brought a tube this week and wanted to see what other people thought. I’m loving your site so far! It is so nice to find a beauty blog from the UK!

  3. me too!

  4. Count me in! I’m a collector of eco bags, I don’t use any plastic bags now when I do my grocery. Aus is a gr8 country when it comes to recycle awareness and reducing waste, but its exp to go organic and be supportive. I’ll do my fair share anyway.

  5. Count me in :) Looks like a fab goody bag and it’s nice to see some of the brands moving towards being more ethically aware.

  6. I’d love to try some organic products!

  7. I’m in too! 😀

  8. I totally wanna try them! : D

  9. Please count me in too!

  10. count me in!! xxx

  11. Thanks for the opportunity to win these great products! I’m all about natural, organic, healthy products of all sorts, and now Fair Trade as well. It’s wonderful to know that our purchases can contribute to the well-being of these developing countries. I make these purchases more and more often and am happy to see FT products available in more stores all the time, especially mainstream stores!

  12. Found your post while searching for info on FT beauty products. Loving the thought of breaking down the goody bag and gifting the various bits to all my not-quite-yet ethical friends (if I win one).And I totally agree, real soap is THE only way to go. :-)

  13. hi dear!!! i want this too!!! i’m from malaysia so it’s international. :p

  14. I’d love to play! ^_^
    Eco and Ethical products are amazing.

  15. I would love to try these if possible! (I’m international :))

  16. count me in hun

  17. count me in please :)

  18. goody bags~~ thank you!
    i would love to join your awareness!

  19. Hi, I’m International. Hope you still have bags left; this sounds fun! Thanks.

  20. argh, am a dork and forgot to pay last night. don’t have my password w/ me now so can’t pay till tonight (probably your noon); totally understand if you give it to the next person.

  21. Hi candy, I paid few days ago. Any updates? As I did not receive any confirmation from ya side. Would appreciate if u give me a holler~
    xoxo elle

  22. Oh I’d love to try these products! If you have any bags left please send me an invoice:)
    I’m international!

  23. hi i would love one if you have any left!


  24. Hi
    Id love one looks gorgeous !!

  25. Ive already posted comment,Im not too late? BTW Im in uk

  26. Kore Sage says:

    Hi I’d love to try this, the cinnamon soap and lemon lip balm sound delicious!
    I’m in the UK.
    Hope I’m not too late.

  27. Hi Jess, i got mine today! thanks! hugs
    xoxo elle
    ps: thanks for ya lollipop!

  28. wow.. im excited with my package!!!


  29. my package arrived, thanks! Excited about trying everything out.

  30. got my package =) i love it!!!

  31. Kore Sage says:

    Thank you so much for the package of fairtrade goodies! I’m already loving the scent of the lemon lip balm and the cinnamon soap!

  32. hiii, could i please enter ?

  33. These appears to be excellent produces and I would like to try them.

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