Stress Relief

…what’s the best ways?  Can someone share?  I am stressed beyond belief at the moment – if it’s not one thing then its something else.  It makes me wonder, where do most of our problems come from?  Self made? Other people?  Environment? Society?

Will be a bit slow to chat on comments for a day or too – have a pile of things to send out and do.  But first – a cup of tea :)

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  1. RobbieRaynebow says

    I seriously have the worst stress removal system. Cigarettes. Ugh IK. Awful and the things it does to my skin. Idk any other ways though. well except shopping.

    • Row says

      Maybe I need to take up smoking! I can’t handle it though, I can’t even smell it without feeling abit ill….shopping…yes let’s stick to shopping!

  2. Chica says

    Hey Row :o) My old job was really, really stressful & the only way I could unwind enough to fall asleep was to do yoga just before I went to bed. The whole concentrating on your breathing thing coupled with the quiet music helped me so much x x

    • Row says

      Hey Chica

      Can you recommend a DVD for Yoga? I don’t really have time to go to classes – my head is always full of crap though. I’d be there doing a move and thinking “Teabags, we need teabags”

  3. Chica says

    I can! :) AM & PM yoga, it’s really good & I’ve tried a LOT of yoga dvds lol – only because the only place near me that offers yoga classes offers them in a kind of monthly pass thing that costs £80 and that’s a bit too much just for yoga! is for me..even though I’ll happily spend more than that at the Chanel counter and not bat an eyelid – the brain is a strange thing!
    Anyhoo back to the dvd – the AM programme is really good, the guy is called Rodney Yee and he’s awesome, really goes through how to do each move. PM is a lady called Patricia I think, I prefer Rodney to her but the routine is really relaxing and their backing track is soothing rather than annoying.
    They’re both about 25 -30 minutes and honestly after doing the PM routine you’re practically asleep!
    Hope it helps you de-stress hon!

    • Row says

      Hey Chica

      You serious. Ok…*goes to amazon* I am also thinking about doing something about my posture – it’s pretty bad and I think Yoga will help that.

      If all else fails, I will have to do some serious haulin’ no?!

  4. Li says

    I am so stressed, I have £100 in Harvey Nichols gift tokens to spend and I just can’t make up my mind… shakes head and pouts…

    Do they stock Shu hair products? The texturising spray… Maybe the La Mer Powder, any suggestions?

    • Row says

      Who wants to hit Li and steal her giftcard?! *hands up*

      I say the Shu hair stuff is amazing!!! as is the La Mer Powder. I love it in translucent!!! The stuff I got recently that I like a lot is the La mer Powder, Shu White Tea hair milk and the Elemis Quartz Lifting Mask – That would take you to just over £100 :) Now THATS stress :)

  5. Li says

    As for dvd’s – Rodney Yee’s ‘A.M. and P.M. YOGA’ , released on Gaiam and probably available on Amazon

  6. Li says

    It’s not, and I didn’t even realise Chica had already suggested it! Talking of which have you seen the Kanebo line ‘Chicca’? It’s very pretty. I was reading about it on atouchofblusher.blogspot. Also have you tried the cle de peau soap? I keep seeing it and can’t imagine ever cleansing with soap after discovering YSL Milky Veil but I’m intrigued!

    • Row says

      Hi Li

      yes heard of Chicca but never tried it. I haven’t tried Cle De Peau soap but I’ve tried Nars Facial Soap (excellent) Jill Stuarts (meh) and Ettusais (not bad). I would always combine soap cleansing with a cream or oil though, on its own a soap can’t get all the make up and mascara off!