Tisserand Remedy Rollerball Review in Sleep, De-Stress, Energise, Head Clear & Diet Aid

I am all for aromatherapy and I am all for convinence. So when I got this lovely selection of Tisserand Remedy Rollerballs I was kind of excited – for one one thing, I think I could do with some improvement in all five of the following areas; Sleep, De-Stress, Energise, Head Clear and Diet Aid!

Tisserand specialises in aromatherapy and skin, body and hair care – these rollerballs are handbag sized blends of essential oils, each tailored to a specific concern.  As always with things like alternative health, some people don’t feel it works for them, some people do.  For me, scent triggers a lot of memories (for example, I’ve discovered there’s a corner of the street on my way to work that reminds me of Kong Kong! How weird is that?)

Here is how they come:

Tisserand Essential Oil Remedy Sleep Destress Energise Head Clear Diet Aid

There is also a travel ease rollerball and a focus one, for when you are studying for example.  I can’t help but think that these would make a nice gift for something, I love the packaging.

So I cracked them all open (they’re 10ml each)…

The best thing to do is to apply it to your pulse points – wrists, neck, temples.  Don’t apply it anywhere sensitive, private parts, up your nose…

Tisserand 100 Natural Destress Head Clear Died Aid Energise Sleep Rollerball

First of all I am not a fan of rollerballs because most of them don’t work that well, but the Tisserand ones do. Check.

Like I said earlier I think I can find use for all of these rollerballs! Sleep – I definitely have issues with sleeping, De-Stress – yep I get stressed too, Head Clear – when I need to focus on my projects, Energise – every morning please, and Diet Aid – I am always messing about with my diet so maybe this will knock me off the chocoalte!?

Here are my thoughts on each individual one.


Energise is how you’d expect – zingy, zesty type of scent.  If I was choosing one based on smell, this would be my last choice as I tend to go for more spicy, warm and soothing scents.  I can smell the lime and grapefruit and I do think it does give you a kick – a bit like if someone said, hey, suck on my lemon. That would wake you up wouldn’t it?!


Tisserange Energise Roller Ball Aromatherapy

Head Clear Roller Ball:

I presumed this was for concentration, getting your ‘head clear’ but it’s more about getting rid of ‘head tension’ – like when you’ve been staring at a screen for too long or if you have a headache.  It contains mint which is cooling.

This one is great – it reminds me very much of ‘4head’ which is a British product – it’s basically a solid stick you rub on your temples when you have a headache. It’s extremely minty and really helps me sooth my head when it’s sore. This is basically very similar but in a essential oil form!


Head Clear Tisserand Roller Ball Essential Oils

Diet Aid Roller Ball:

This is for helping with weight loss. It has a sweet edge in my opinion – it contains neroli, cocoa and frankincense.  This is my utter favourite in terms of actual scent – it reminds me of a Aveda perfume they mixed for me a few years ago.  It’s kinda warm and sweet – so I guess you can sort of taste it….it’s almost like eating a chocolate bar?! Ok it isn’t.  But I really like the smell of this and by the time i’ve got it out of my bag and rolled it on my wrists, I can’t be bothered going to the chocolate machine any more.


Tisserand Diet Aid Rollerball Diet Aid

Sleep Roller Ball:

Ahhh ok, you can guess what this one is like.  What I quite like about these rollerballs is that they aren’t miles away from what you know and love.  This sleep roller ball has lavender oil and I used to HATE lavender but recently – call it old age, I can’t get enough.

I think it’s because the lavender I used to smell was horrible (remember those little pillows filled with lavender that your mum would hang near your bed? Yuk!).  I know Lavender helps me go to sleep so this rollerball is quite nice to dot on my wrists before bed. Don’t get me wrong – if you have sleep problems this isn’t a miracle cure but it helps a little.


TIsserand De Stress Essential Oils Rollerball

De-Stress Rollerball:

This is for moments when you are stressed out!!! To be honest I only have 4 meltdown moments a year but I do get a little flustered day to day.  To me this smells strongly of rose mainly – it’s quite a pretty smell, it just makes sense that this is the de-stress rollerball! It wouldn’t work as well under any of the other rollerballs!

I liked this one and in a way it’s probably the most generally used, because the sleep one is only for bedtime, head clear is for when I have a headache, diet aid is for when I am thinking about food or just for general smelling because I love it….de-stress….well I like use this just to keep the zen.  Zen on public transport.  Zen in queues.  etc.


Tisserand Sleep Essential Oils Aromatherapy

Overall – I really like these Tisserand Rollerballs! I’ve tried ones before and I wasn’t sure what I made of them but these are quite good – nice packaging, rollerball works well, the blends smell nice enough, and are balanced so they aren’t overwhelming.

If I could only have one….I think I’d choose Head Clear, I love the refreshed feeling but also Diet Aid – it’s the nicest smelling. But for general use de-stress suits me well.

Would you try this? and if you would, which one would you get?

See the range of Tisserand Roller Ball’s here, they cost £5.25 each.

*PR Sample.

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  1. Jen says

    From your review, I would say Energise and Head Clear (I always have a few 4heads tucked away in different bags and pockets!) would be the ones for me 😀 Diet Aid also sounds good for those chocolate cravings I get every now and again! I’ll have to check these out in the big Boots (don’t think they sell them in the smaller stores, that I’ve noticed)