Timewasting Tutorial: NYX Lipstick Palette

What does a good time waster do when she has about – ooohh 50 things to do? She makes a lipstick palette!

I have quite a few NYX round lipsticks (which are excellent considering the price) so I decided to give 28 the chop chop into one palette:

cosmetic candy-1.jpg

Here’s the palette – which is NOT magnetic! D’oh! The pans are super loose, so I had to use UHU Non Permanent sticky glue dots but this poses a problem if I want to move them around. If you are buying online, do check your pans and palette are magnetic as its pretty annoying if they aren’t

empty palette.jpg

I melted everything down (tip for other people who have issues with perfectionism – once you start scraping the colours back out cos they are a bit messy its a downwards spiral. Honest).

nyx lip palette.jpg

I noticed that NYX lippies melt down quickly and tend to bubble (a LOT quicker than Nars Lipsticks which take quite a while to break down). NYX lipsticks are uber creamy and Nars does tend to be harder – but anyway, I can confirm NYX lippies are great for melting down, but do give them a stir.

Palette with No Flash:


I LOVE Femme, a hot orange red, Topaz, a glittery plum and Castle, a soft purple. The only lipstick that didn’t react that well was Hermes which has a slightly dirty undertone which comes out more when melted, but nothing major.

DSC02453 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Quick! What else can I palette-ize?!

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  1. Blair says

    Hey Row!

    Do you have Power with you? How does it compare to Castle? I have a bit of a lavender lippie obsession lately hahaha

  2. Row says

    Hi Blair

    I don’t have power :( I’ll see if I can find it, but castle is a super super pretty lavender I can tell you that!

  3. Blair says

    Row, Castle sounds great! Can you please swatch it? Or do you already have a post on it?