Time to worship

Like most make up junkies, we probably know an awful lot about make up and its hard to find something new in terms of tips and advice that we haven’t heard a million times already.

I was surprised and so pleased when I found Koren, a make up artist who has started posting videos on You Tube. His videos are wonderful – individual and creative (press on eyeshadows?) and useful too (pigment storage, blusher storage). You really get a sense of Koren’s humility too – he has a very watchable and plesant attitude on camera.

I’ll post my favourite video, how to press pigments – I have about 80 of them and never get round to using them because of the mess so I already have in the post, a 100 pans, and am looking forward to that project! But I urge you to go and watch all his videos, I am sure you will learn something.

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